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5 Reasons Media Walls Are Crucial For Your Events

Media walls or backdrops are important constituents of the whole branding regimen for a company conducting an event to create…

By Erin Ellen , in Business , at February 11, 2019

Media walls or backdrops are important constituents of the whole branding regimen for a company conducting an event to create or enhance its positive brand equity. Reason being, we live in a digital world where information is widely available at the tap of one’s fingertips. Whatever you want to know about a brand or its doings can be accessed or attained in no time, the briskness of information communication has made the feedback or interaction equally fast based and spot on for brands. Therefore it has become a compulsion for the brands to be at a top of their branding game regardless of what they are doing with their products or the marketing campaigns. The digital world has played a wide role in adding an extra pressure on brands to be visually sound and aesthetic because photos go digital in no time, they get viral while quadrupling the reach to a great extent and bringing the message or objective upfront to the masses of people. This very way of marketing has increased the importance of media walls which serve the purpose at hand fairly fine during an event, an activity or at other required placements. The more fun a media wall is the more photos would be taken in front of it and the more reach you would score as a result. 

There are many vendors in Australia who specifically work on the media walls or backdrops for brands and company, knowing the importance these carry in recent time. SK Display Banners is one renowned name in this regard in Australia, catering to the needs of many since eon while upgrading its concept, technological updates, and client support mechanism. No doubt, there are other promotional touch points equally important as well but despite that media wall has its own immense value in creating and generating brand awareness that one cannot deny or simply ignore, such as: 

Attracting Customers 

You can attract many new customers to your brand through strategic planning and executing the display signage as well as the media backdrop. People get to know and learn about your offerings the most through the interaction with your promotional touch points, secondly, when photos go viral everyone gets to see what is written about a brand or how it looks or what message it conveys to strike the right strings with the prospect. That’s why it is being said, the artwork is a game maker or breaker for a brand in Australia. 

Stand Out 

A well thought off and creative media walls Australia could help you stand out from the crowd and get your voice heard while beating the surrounding clutter and fuss. People interact more with uniquely designed or executed media wall touchpoints and this same feature, leave a lasting impression in their minds as well whilst reinforcing the brand image simultaneously as well. 

Call To Action 

You can induce a call to action to your media walls as well in order to urge people to do something regarding a brand or its product or a cause or anything. Signages and backdrops come very handy in information disbursement to the relevant market regarding a new launch, a new offering, sale or anything important and short lived. It is however up to you that how do you want to place and put together everything on the plate in its final stage. 

Continuous Exposure 

Media backdrop gives constant exposure to brands at an event when people pass by and get attracted by it. In fact, maximum brand exposure and reach is an ultimate goal behind setting up such media walls, therefore, these become a source of your voice and communication from a single spot, reaching out to the masses from there.  

Cost Effective 

These backdrops tend to be cost-effective as compared to other ATL or BTL promotional gimmicks whilst scoring high on the CPM on the event day. It is another reason that media walls are liked and approved by the majority of the brands and companies in Australia. It ensures reach, scores high on CPM and enhances interactivity for a brand during the event day. 

Goes without saying that placements play a key role in this regard, therefore, planning ahead for the promotional tool is not the only important things rather their timely and effective placement and execution carry equal significance which a brand or company must not ignore if it wants to add more to its image in Australia.