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A One Stop Solution To All Your Kid’s Teething Problems! 

As your child may be approaching the age of around 6 months, you may notice them biting onto things and…

By Erin Ellen , in Baby , at June 29, 2018

As your child may be approaching the age of around 6 months, you may notice them biting onto things and not letting go. It may be painful and at time annoying to be on the receiving end of a biting baby, however, one must understand why they are doing this. Babies at this age are developing their first few teeth. As we know, in a few years these will begin to fall out as well. However, for the moment these first baby teeth are growing out of their gums and they may want to bite onto things in order to feel their own teeth as well as have their gums slightly stimulated.

Around this age it would be beneficial for you and them, to buy them a teether which they can latch on to and press down on with their newly developed teeth. This is good for them as it gives them a sense of relief as well as massages their gums while their little mouths are biting down on the piece of rubber or plastic.

The Baby Gift shop has a character named Sophie the giraffe which has several products dedicated to her including gift boxes, blankets, books etc. Moreover, the character has won several awards around the world and they also now have Sophie the giraffe teethers.

Talking about the need for babies to have teethers in their oral developmental period consider picking up one of the Sophie teethers for your child. Moreover, since the giraffe is such popular brand name, perhaps if you have other Sophie items, you can add a teething giraffe to your collection. This way your child can develop a relationship with the character and grow attached to it over the years as she has come to be such a likeable character. 

If you have a loved one’s baby shower coming up, or perhaps even a birthday. You may find yourself pondering over what items to buy as a gift for the new mother. You can consider going for one of their The Baby Gift Shops baby teethers as the product can come in handy regardless of the occasion. Moreover, whether it is a baby shower or a one year birthday, the teether is a great baby shower present as it will be needed at just about any time because either way, as the baby is going to be using it, be it early or late in their development. Moreover, it comes in an attractive packaging which makes it even better to be given away as a gift on an occasion.  

If you are worried about the quality and production of the Sophie teething giraffe, you need not be. The Baby Gift Shop guarantees that the products are made from the best quality materials and are in no way harmful to your children. It is understood that since the products go in the baby’s mouth, they have to be both durable and easy to clean, as well as having a grip so that they don’t fall on the floor and get dirty. Therefore, they have made the teething ring the perfect size for your baby to hold and grip onto. Moreover, the claim to have made the ring eco-friendly and vinyl free. Other than that, they also claim to have the product coated with non- toxic grade paint which they suggest is in no way harmful to the infant’s health.  

Head on over to the Baby Gift Shops website for more about the product as well as more on Sophie the giraffe series. Consider the items as baby shower presents for a loved one, as well as the need for your baby to have something to bite down onto during their oral developmental stage. Moreover, the company claims to offer free delivery all over Australia if the order is $100 or over. Therefore, consider buying a package as well as the teething rings to walk away with a delivery cost discount.