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Addressing Areas Of Concern In Children’s Dentistry

Oral health and hygiene are as important as any other organ of a human’s body. Teeth tend to grow with…

By Erin Ellen , in Dental Services , at March 21, 2019

Oral health and hygiene are as important as any other organ of a human’s body. Teeth tend to grow with time and need proper care. Therefore, mothers of five-months-old babies start brushing teeth with soft bristled brushes. If they are not taken care, cavities are formed (when children start eating and are in their prime age). Problems may arise with time if teeth are not treated or brought to attention.  

Here, in this article, we have discussed some major dental concerns of children. Let’s check it out in detail… 

Areas of Concern: 

Following are some of the main and major dental concerns among children: 

  • Knockout of permanent teeth: 

Knocking out of tooth is quite painful. It may happen because of anything – while playing games or sports, performing daily chores, falling from a distance, and etc. However, you can save teeth from losing it forever. For that, you either take the child to the childrens dentist Chatswood or dip the broken piece in the fixing solution and place it back on the tooth. But we would recommend you to take the child to the clinic where the dentist would take care of the individual professionally. 

  • Toothaches: 

Toothaches can happen to appear out of nowhere or with some symptoms. Infections in gums, tooth fracture, tooth decay, tooth cavities, dental distress, painful filling, or anything similar can be the source of pain. You can consult a dentist who is experts with children’s dentistry. Never the less, if you observe swelling you can take an over the counter painkiller till you reach hospital or clinic. 

  • Bitten cheek or tongue: 

Anaesthesia given at the time of dental treatment can be the main cause of bitten or swollen cheek and/or tongue. Other reasons could be based on playing around with friends, meeting an accident, and falling from a height in such an angle that it bits the child’s inner cheek or tongue.  

Here, the question arises:  

What to do in such cases? 

Well, to be honest, try to give first aid by doing cold compression technique. In that, you have to simply apply ice on the affected area. If you see blood, then put ice cubes in a clean fabric and squeeze it nicely. After that, put it on the area that is bitten with a certain level of pressure. That will stop bleeding. Besides that, if you see constant bleeding, then don’t waste time and take the child to the dentist for stitching.  

Services Rendered by Children’s Dentist Chatswood: 

Most of the dentists in Chatswood provide the following services for children. 

  • Orthodontic Treatment 
  • Uplifting Dentistry 
  • Emergency Dental Treatment  
  • Sedation Dentistry 

Orthodontic Treatment:  

It is available for people of all age groups. However, for children dentists have to be more careful and alert. It is because of the fact that their teeth are more sensitive and they being too young don’t cooperate with dentists. That leads to further issues related to the treatment. According to dentist’s Association of Australia, children should be at least seven years old to bear dental treatments. You, being parents or guardians should know that earlier treatment are better for children. Reason being, they get away from surgeries and risks from complicated treatments in the future.  

Uplifting Dentistry: 

Fillings, prosthesis, and crowns are part of uplifting dentistry. It also includes feeder (or nursing bottle) decay. According to dentists, these procedures leave children with beautiful smiles and healthy teeth.  

Emergency Dental Treatment: 

At times when children break a tooth, they bleed from one or many teeth, or anything devastating happens, they should be taken to dental emergency. Parents and elders should know when to take their children to the emergency dental department.  

Sedation Dentistry: 

For sedation dentists use a percentage of nitrous oxide to make children calm and relaxed. That usually puts children to sleep peacefully. This is best for those children who are scared of needles and all tools, or have some kind of dental phobia or are physically impaired. Sedation helps in long procedures. Those procedures include root canaling, extraction of tooth, fillings and crowns, cosmetic treatments, and etc.  

Conclusion – Last Verdict: 

Last but not least; dentists who deal with children are mostly very careful. Therefore, you shouldn’t go to a dentist Chatswood who recently started practicing, instead look for someone who is experienced and have great reviews.