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Australian Study Programs Available To International Students

Planning on pursuing studies in Australia? Then it’s absolutely important to choose the right program of study that best suits your…

By Erin Ellen , in Training & Skills , at December 15, 2017

Planning on pursuing studies in Australia? Then it’s absolutely important to choose the right program of study that best suits your future career and personal interests. Australia offers many different types of highly regarded academic programs that international students can apply to. While the options are many, it can be difficult to choose which program may serve your needs the best. Therefore, first consider all the study programs available to international students. Here is a brief glimpse: 


English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs 

ESL programs are not academic degrees, but these programs are immensely popular in Australia. The education authorities estimate that as many as 20 percent of international students who come to Australia to study enroll in one of these programs. The purpose of an ESL program is obviously to improve the English language skills of students whose native language is not English. International students from non-English speaking countries are highly encouraged to enroll in one of these programs to overcome the language barrier in Australia. Australian English is unique on its own. So some students may need to get used to the accent and the slang words. Also, many university-level academic programs require students to undertake TOEFL or IELTS exams to demonstrate language skills. ESL lessons are highly recommended before taking these exams. You can attend an ESL institution in all cities in Australia. For example, if you want to study in Melbourne, you can participate in learn English Melbourne courses.  

University Degrees 

Australia offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The country has nearly 40 registered universities where students can study almost anything they want. Australian university degrees are highly regarded worldwide. If you want to pursue secondary education following graduation from your local high school, then Australia is a great place. First, learn about how Australian universities award degrees and what the credentials mean. They could be different from your country. Then you can research individual programs to choose the best programs that you want to attend. Unlike local students, international students have to directly apply to universities individually. Apply to as many as you like to increase your chances of getting admitted.  

Vocational Training Programs 

Australia has a much-praised Technical and Further Education program called TAFE. Unlike academic degrees, vocational training offers hands-on practical training with a theory background. These programs are excellent for students who want to start working right after high school in a skilled profession. For example, if you want to become a professional chef, then enrol in a TAFE program for cooking. You will learn practical skills as well as you learn the academic aspect of the profession. You can find employment right away if you successfully complete the program. Many international students prefer TAFE programs because enrolling in one increase the chances of obtaining a residential visa.  

Specialization Diplomas and Certificates 

There are numerous private colleges in Australia that offer diplomas or certificated in various fields. If you want additional academic credentials within your chosen field of study, you can pursue one of these diploma or certificate programs. They are available to students with undergraduate degrees from foreign countries. The programs vary in length between 3 months (usually for a certificate) and 3 years. Some private colleges allow credits to be transferred to affiliated universities.  

Additionally, you can participate in a study abroad program in Australia. Inquire your school or university regarding spending a semester or two with an affiliated Australian university to experience the country and its unique education system without spending too much.