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Best smart home extension ideas

So, you have started planning extension of your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This…

By Erin Ellen , in Construction & Building , at May 10, 2019

So, you have started planning extension of your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This is because, here we are going to share best smart home extension ideas. These ideas have the potential to make your home look beautiful. They will help in adding more space to the cramped rooms and also leave increase the value of your house. Think about rear extensions or using your ceiling space, you will get amazing ideas to make the most of your house. Another reason you might need a home extension is that you need more space but you don’t want to shift your house. In this case, you can go for home extension.  

There are many things which you have to keep in mind while planning for a home extension. You must plan how much extension is required. Also, you need to decide a budget in which extension will be completed. It should be economically viable. Now, we are going to share the best ideas for your home extension: 

Reconfigure the present space: 

First thing you must do is to reconfigure the present space of your house. It will allow you to establish a layout to have privacy, access, views as well as sun light in all rooms of your house. You can also add doorway and internal walls or eliminate these in order to achieve the required space. Try to use the space of hallway and entrance efficiently so that it can take you to the rooms. You also need to reconfigure the area between the dining room and the kitchen. Once the layout is decided, it would be easier for you to take extension to the next step.  

Think about two storeys: 

If you are planning to achieve maximum value of your property, then you must think about extending your house into two storeys. This is because, the average cost per square metre is minimised by extending more valuable parts of roof as well as foundations over a larger area. 

External Design: 

Whenever you decide to add something in your home, you can always choose a complementary style. You have to give it a real and natural look as it was always there in your house. It should look like as it was always there in your house. You can do so by using the key designs of your house. For instance, use same roof pitch, mortar colour, brick details and the material used in the construction of your house. 

Adding a sunroom or a conservatory: 

You can build a sunroom if you have a good area for glazing. This space will be left open for the rest of the house. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a pleasing outdoor living space. This is the best option if you have kids in your home. This is because, you don’t have to be worried about pests and other insects. It can also help in controlling the temperature of the house.  

Always utilise the ceiling space: 

You can make your rooms beautiful and spacious by using your tall ceilings. A home extension offers a great scope in this feature as well. The best thing about ceiling extension is its low price. You can add this extension in a very reasonable price. All you need to do is to find a good home extension contractor.  

Adding pocket doors: 

Now, we are going to give you the best idea for your home extension. You can add pocket doors which can hide into the wall when they are open. On the other hand, these doors will also work as a wall. They can separate two rooms.  

Outdoor rooms: 

Nowadays, there is a great trend of outdoor rooms. People love to spend time in outdoor rooms during summer season. It can be further modified by giving it a traditional look. Try to give a loggia or veranda. Another option is to go for some contemporary space by setting a flat roof with the help of slender steel posts. You can work on privacy by giving new positions to the windows. You can project bay windows and oriel windows.