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How to start your small business accounting?

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Accounting is one of the main concepts involved in any business. It includes measuring and processing all financial data to provide information to the owner about the resources available, how those resources are financed and the resulting advantages or disadvantages from their use. The main function is to prepare a record of all financial dealing of the company and to analyse the bookkeeping data to assess the health of the business. After officially registering your business you need to open a bank account to hold any income that you may generate. Usually a business checking account is opened first and you can later open up a savings account to generate further funds. You can look around various banks and compare their fee structures to choose one that fits your budget.  To further progress into the accounting of your small business you need to take the following steps: 

  1. Learn to keep a track of all your expenditures. This is very important in overseeing the progress of your business as well as building financial statements and prepare tax return Melbourne. You should always keep the receipts for any meals or entertainment conducted for the business, travel and gift receipts and any vehicle related expenses. Starting your business at home can help eliminate any overhead costs and you can deduct the costs of incurred from that of your home.  
  2. Start a bookkeeping system which keeps a daily record of all the financial transactions that take place. This data is categorised into financial statements. You can use a part time bookkeeper or simply keep a manual ledger to record all dealings. A computerised system can also be implemented where you record data onto a spreadsheet. You can always hire a small business accountant Melbourne CBD to help you in your accounting procedures. You also need to choose between an accrual or cash method of accounting. The cash method calculates all expenses when you receive the payment for them. The accrual method recognises the transaction from billing the payment even if the cash is not received.
  3. Create a payroll system to calculate all dues of your employees if you choose to hire them.  
  4. If you are planning on importing goods from other countries then you should know of any taxes and duties that are imposed on those products.  
  5. You need a way to accept payments when you start selling. You can set up a credit card system or an account for receiving payments. 
  6. Keep track of all the taxes you will have to pay such as sales and income tax. 
  7. Calculate your margins and revenue. As you grow you may need to change your methods and move onto quicker bookkeeping solutions. 

To help you in the process of your accounting, it is always a good idea to hire a small business accountant from Melbourne CBD or other areas. They help you in establishing a proper system which can kickstart your business as you will have your finances in order. The accountant can keep an eye on all financial reports for you and analyse them to allow a better understand of your business.  These experts have immense knowledge about all things related to finance and can give you great advice on how to grow your business. They can effectively predict the impact of any decisions you make on your cash flow so that you don’t run out of money at the wrong time. Efirm provides skilful business accountants from Melbourne CBD that can help you through your tough business times. If you have launched a business on your own then these accountants are there to reassure you and listen to any problems that you may have. They can tell you the difference between good and bad debt and help you get financing if the occasion arises. Accountants are always up to date about the new regulations and tax that impact your business. They can help you keep your business model current. They will oversee the payroll and save you the headache of calculating exemptions and overtime.  

Small businesses are always on the road to growth but things can go wrong if you expand too early. With their expert financial knowledge, accountants can inform you about the right time to grow and then manage the changes without a hitch.  You can avoid costly mistakes and keep your business on the right track.

Make Filing Taxes Easier Than You Could’ve Ever Imagined!  

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No matter where we are and who we are, one of the biggest realities and perhaps one of the most constant things in our life are taxes. We can find ourselves being taxed on everything we do, so paying the taxes can seem relatively simple our whole lives – that is, until we begin working. If we have a traditional job, filing taxes can be another simple task. However, if we have decided to have a business of our own then filing taxes can be quite difficult. Disregarding the general complexity of the task at hand, filing taxes can end up taking a lot of our time. Of course at the end of the day only we, as the owners of the business are really capable of filing the tax returns as only we know the business inside out. Going through the long and arduous process of filing taxes can take away our attention from the business itself, and this inattention can often be fatal. In any business, important decisions can have to be made at almost any moment, and being preoccupied with filing taxes can mean that we aren’t prepared for these moments when they come up.

Of course, it is not just the issue of time that comes up when we choose to file taxes ourselves. Many of us, especially those running small businesses, can often be lacking all of the necessary documentation and records that need to be shown. Missing out on any of these can, unfortunately, lead to greater legal issues later. We can either forget about filing some documents or we can be missing out on them altogether. Furthermore, there are just so many intricacies of filing taxes that can be very hard for the common man to understand. Different sorts of businesses, with different legal structures, are all taxed differently. When filing taxes, missing out on any of the tiny details can end up causing us a whole lot of trouble. This fact is made worse by the fact that tax laws change often, and so we need to stay constantly up to date on how to file our taxes, according to the legal structure of the business, and according to the area which we live in.

So, if you find that calculations aren’t your best suit, and that you may not have all the records in order, hiring a small business accountant North Sydney can be the best choice. Small business owners can often think that hiring a business accountant for taxes is something that only bigger business owners should do, but in reality the need for a tax accountant depends on our business and the time and effort that we can put into filing taxes. Missing out on some essential document or making some miscalculations can mean that we can find ourselves up for an audit or worse. In such situations, it is best that we stay on the safe side, and choose a small business accountant for our business in the north Sydney vicinity.

Hiring a small business accountant north Sydney can be the best decision for our business in the long term, as it can save us from having to spend time and effort making calculations, and it can also save us from potentially ending up for audit because of a silly miscalculation or because of missing out on some essential document. These certified business accountants can help you stay up to date on all your tax records and documents, while you never have to compromise on putting time into your business. You can thus have someone competent and well versed in the field of tax laws there to keep you up to date with your book keeping and also your annual tax returns.

Easy Tax is a trusted firm which can provide you with credible and certified tax accountant Sydney, who will handle you business as if it were their own, so you never have to worry a single day. All you need to do is put them to the job, and they can make sure that you never find yourself scrambling to make taxing calculations or to find those missing documents.

Here’s Why You Should Apply For A Loan Online & Not Through The Banks

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Online banking has become the IT thing in the world today. Why wouldn’t it? The convenience of getting and transferring the money whenever and wherever is want you want these days. As much as online banking has taken in to the boom, online loans and money lending is a completely different case. Though there are a lot of good online lenders to choose from, but the general interest of the public is still lagging behind. But fortunately, the struggle with time is one thing that is forcing more and more people to resort to online mediums of buying money. Well, you are not forced to fill same old, boring and lengthy forms for your bank. That is an advancement! The true online leaders are changing the loan game, and gradually, a good amount of audience has started to believe them. To those who are still reluctant and hesitant, or are unsure on how this system works, we are here to help you. If you compare your bank to the newest generation of the lenders, which are online loan providers, you see the kind of convenience that has spiked. The traditional means of going from one meeting to another have completely been eradicated now.  

If you apply for loan online, the online lenders can more or less tell you instantly if it is going to be approved or not. Moreover, they tell you point blank the amount you borrow, when you can borrow and what sort of instalments are you looking forward to. On the flip side, traditional banks are different and even if you fill their application online, they take quite a time to revert back with the desired details. You might need to visit the concerned branch to finalize the deal. Similarly, the online lenders often charge less than the conventional lenders. When you get a loan online, you don’t have to pay the same overhead, service fee and the interest rates are lower. They don’t have the same regulatory costs, accounting to the fact that you don’t have to pay more than expected.  

Furthering the point mentioned above, the best secured loans are a possibility with online lenders. If you don’t have a good credit, you can still get an online loan. Online lenders tend to approve lower credit scores, and can resort to other means of information to see your creditworthiness. On the contrary, if you have been through hard times in terms of cash or your standard FICO score is low, you won’t be getting any sort of favours from even a bank that you have remain a loyal customer of. Credit unions and banks have gone skittish over the years, while online means have become more liberal towards your wishes. Another strong point is that most of the online loans are unsecured, which means that you don’t pledge to any set collateral to get them approved.  

Online loans are comparatively much easier to borrow, because they don’t leave you unsecured or defenceless at the end. Borrowing against your assets or valuables leave you vulnerable and unsafe, thus reducing your chances to even opt for a loan at the first place. What’s more is that if you fail to repay the loan, your credit scores among other things will drop, but your possessions won’t be taken away from you. This is the factor that gives online loans a big edge over the traditional means that we have been following since ages. To get the online loan, you just have to provide with personal information including your address and social security number, the way you do with the other loan mediums. The financial information, such as your income, expenses and job security has to be provided too.  

It must be kept in mind that the best loans online come from non-traditional lenders. It means that staying away from your bank and credit unions is the best option here. You don’t have to go through the strenuous process of getting yourself checked from top to bottom. Neither do you have to put yourself at stake, nor do you have to lay out in the open just to get the loan. Just go online, search for the lenders that are trusted and reliable. Compare the best ones out there with solid reviews, and opt for the best as per your need and choice. The only key here is to research, so that you don’t fall in any useless trap, as for the rest you are good to go.  

Tips To Help You Be More Financially Responsible

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Financial responsibility is not easy. Nobody ever feels like they have enough disposable cash and the world is full of far too many things that we covet. We live in a consumer society where profits are king which is a fancy way of saying our salaries are never enough to match our desired lifestyle. But there are ways to improve your lot and, if nothing else, to help ensure that there is less month at the end of the money than before. Here are some handy tips to help you squeeze things more value out of your pay check. 

Consolidate your debt 

Debt of any kind is a killer. If you owe money and you are paying it off – and we are talking things like credit card debt and higher purchase accounts here, then the interest rates are punishing and you inevitably end up paying back much more than you should. Find a way to pay off all your debt such that you only owe one single lender. Search for something like personal loan online Australia and you will find companies that specialize in these types of loans. Take their money, pay off your debt and then make the payments on quick loans Australia so that you know exactly what you are paying monthly.  Once you have done that, commit to not spending any more money that you don’t have. 


So often it’s not the everyday things that land people in debt, it’s the unexpected costs that you had not planned for. So start making plans. It is unreasonable to think that you can make it through a whole year without incurring medical expenses, or vehicle expenses. If you celebrate Christmas you know that come December you will need to splash out for gifts. Or a vacation… you can’t expect to fund that exclusively from the salary you get in the month you want to go away. No, you need contingency funds for rainy days. And it might sound boring or overly practical but there is nothing more comforting than knowing that when you suddenly have to put a new set of tires on to your car that it won’t impact on your monthly budget. 

Question everything 

Analyse all your monthly expenses and see which ones can be reduced. You might be surprised to find that they all can. Things like insurance might seem like they can’t be challenged, but the reality is that it’s a very competitive industry. Get some comparative quotes and be prepared to move. You would be surprised by how many companies would be prepared to better or match rival quotes in order to keep your business. And the savings might not be huge, but they add up and pretty soon it makes a difference. 

Carry cash 

If you are going out, take cash. People tend to spend too much when they hit the town. When you are trying to impress you tend to spend more money and if you have had a few drinks the inhibitions are definitely less. So don’t put yourself in a situation where you can just keep on spending. Travel with cash, take what you can afford to spend and enjoy yourself in spending it, but once it is gone, know that it is time to stop. An evening of fun doesn’t need to have financial consequences for months to come.