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Has Phrase Match Finally Come To An End Or Is It Still Valid?

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People have been over exaggerating about the importance or should we say the expiry of phrase match! However, in a few cases, it does come out being quite impressively useful.

A few years ago when we witnessed that Google had launched its broad match modified match type. Then, some of the marketers were quick to conclude that the end of phrase match was close enough and will not be necessary in any SEO search engine optimisation techniques. Then we saw a few websites also turned and engulfed new gears. They started to launch fresh campaigns regarding broad match modified (BMM), negative match keywords and exact match. At the same time, many marketers ignored these steps. But why were such changes made? We all know, no one prefers broad match. Apart from Google, probably no one!

The utilisation of broad match came out as being quite lazy. Basically, it meant giving out all your money and Google pleasingly taking it away from you. Google is getting better with each passing day. More so, with this, Google does enjoy tons of freedom.

This is why there were so many advertisers who moved their direction and embraced phase match and exact match, when it came to their keyword. But they had to create tons of phrase match keywords to come across with some probable search terms. For example, if a company was promoting blue widgets, one would start their search with ‘blue widgets’ as the term to start their search. However, sooner we would also add in terms like blue ‘color widgets’, ‘widgets in blue’ and so forth.

With the start of BMM, ease was created for advertisers. All of a sudden they were capable of covering a good number of possible search terms, and all that they had to use were +blue +widgets. There are a few companies that offer services where they select some search terms that are vital and need special attention. This will help them to move the terms into the exact match status. This is what makes the intermediate phrase match version outmoded and uncalled-for.

This would be useful for streamlining the process. Along with freshly built campaigns, it comes out being the easiest of way to get campaigns live and producing real data.

Phrase match however is still standing on its own

There have been several marketers who did feel that the demise of phrase is a bit too early. A few of them state that even with the changes in the area of match types, there still has a little space left for use of phrase match. They stated that they would not get it removed from the older accounts where the conversion and phrase match KWs hold a good credit history. Even if they are positioned in accounts where they were broken due to match type, they would still prefer keeping it. One can also use it while mining search query reports for the converting phrase. This way even with new terms, you could use various match types and understand which one works best.

Google does appreciate and love everything about historical data. This is crucial when it comes to Quality Score. Sometimes Google could pick a fresh BMM keyword, as this will be useful to achieve high QS.

All of this proves that there still is some life and hope left for phrase match. If it is accessible with a good historical data and good performing phrase match keyword, this will be a boon.

About Online Advertising Expense

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When it comes to expanding your business through online advertising, it turns out being a tough work with a lot of input. To add to this, there is a repertoire of details given online which would make things more confusing and intimidating for newcomers.

Online advertising platforms are many and all of them have their set of trials and struggles to step ahead with. They too come with their strengths and weaknesses. With a flotilla of campaign types, formats to follow and performance metrics for advertisers to consider, one has to gauge every platform carefully before taking a stride over it. Underneath it all there is a very crucial question and that is “How much would it cost me?”

Let us have a look at what online advertising costs is all about:

  • In Google AdWord, the average expense of advertisement would be about $2.32 per click, in the area of search network. In the arena of Display Network, the average cost per click would be below under $0.58.
  • CPA or average cost per action comes up to average cost per action for Google Adwords Management search campaign.
  • Expensive keywords for advertising in Bing Ads and AdWords will cost you about $50 or it could even exceed with every click. They tend to be keywords which are extremely competitive. They also have tendency to draw you customer lifetime values, such as insurance and law.
  • If a small business is utilizing AdWords it would be spending approximately $10,000 every month in the area of online advertising campaigns. This means every year it would be around $120,000.
  • For a Facebook ad, the average cost comes to around $1.72. If an action takes place on Facebook Ads, the cost comes up to $18.68.
  • For Facebook Ads the most typical CPM is around $10.
  • In general, the CPM for an Instagram ad is close to around $5. However, due to its rising popularity, this cost will most probably rise soon.

Now, let us delve a bit deeper and know how much Google Ads cost?

AdWords is the kind of internet advertising. No wonder, it is considered as the biggest online ad platform, and holds an essential part in the area of Internet itself.

Pricing Model

Google’s search network starts from What is SEO the moment you notice the pay-per-click (PPC) ads, below and right above the organic search results of a user. Since Google is swerving online ads which tend to be highly relevant as per one’s search query, businesses that make use of Google Ads do end up gaining highly qualified traffic drawn to their landing page and their website. All you have to focus on is target your ads to those customers who are searching for a specific product which is specific to what you are offering.

Google’s display network is the area where the display ads appear. This network spans a huge array of indexable web. Though it is possible for advertisers to fuse in rich media content here in diverse display ad formats, like videos and animated content, usually most of them are closer to banner ads.

Google Avertising Words PPC Ad Costs

As you can understand from the term itself, PPC ads are calculated on cost-per-click (CPC) basis. This means, the advertiser for google adwords in Australia will be charged a meager amount each time a customer clicks on the ad.

Your CPC will get calculated each time when the advertisement appears, and this procedure is called ad auction. Google chooses which ad to display when the keyword search is performed through someone. Google will also decide in which order the ads would be displayed and how much each online advertiser will need to pay, per click.