The Key Reasons A Photo booth Is Must-Have At Events In Australia 

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We are living in a time where every moment is celebrated by taking photos and publishing them all over the internet else the event is considered incomplete. Be it a wedding, a party or a corporate event you can see fun photos everywhere or people capturing the precious moments and preserving them for times to come. Photo Booths are a great way to incorporate the fun element in the photo-taking spree of the attendees, they can have a lot of fun by utilizing such props for the photos. You can make the booth yourself or ask the event planner to do the job for you, however, the best way out is to get it on rent as per your need and requirement, and that too instantly.

The Lavish Photo Booth in Melbourne has been providing such fun props to lighten up the events since long, their range and variety of articles ranging from formal to informal one is not only amazing but a sure way to win hearts of the guests and attendees.

Another advantage of getting a prop on rent for photos is, it will aid the photographer at the event as he/she cannot capture all the people or their interactivity rather only the important moments. So by installing a photo booth, people will come to the photographer themselves to be captured, making the job easier for him/her for covering the gist of the whole event.

The other advantages that come along with this incorporation of the photobooth in Melbourne are as follows:

Simple to Set Up

The most striking advantage of photobooth rental in Australia is you can choose the booth you need from the range of options given to you, as well as can customize its graphics as per your requirement and choose its background as per the type of event e.g. party, wedding or corporate event. Also, the opportunity cost is much higher otherwise.

Memory Repository

Photobooths in Australia are a great way to make a repository of memories for yourself and the event as guests would be coming to the photographer in the photobooth themselves. So he/she can take their photos and could give it to them as an event memento and you can also keep all the photos by the end of the day to recall all the fun you have and offered to people at some point in time in future. A great chance to store these precious moments in your memory book for longer.

Adds Variety

Another perk of having the photobooth on rent in Melbourne is, you can choose the size and variety of it as per the type of attendees coming for the event. For instance, they can dance around then get into the booth to get snapped with their friends in that fun moment. Similarly, you can decide upon the size of the booth as well and the number of people it should accommodate in a single go if it would be open or self-contained. All these things are enough to add a lot of variety to your event.

Marketing the Brand

Corporate photobooth hire Melbourne is a great way to market products, services or a brand name during the trade shows or other corporate events. You can play around the branding part accordingly then. Nowadays, almost every corporate event features a photobooth as per its offerings to promote itself digitally via photos and by those attending the event. It is a sure, economical and an effective way to reach to the digitally available masses in a fun and an appealing way.

The Lavish Photo Booth caters to the needs of all the markets as per their requirements and customization needs, it is their professionalism and understanding towards an interactive approach for events that its customers are highly satisfied with the photobooth hire Melbourne services, such as:

“I was so stressed leading up to the night but everything went perfectly! You were so outgoing and friendly and the photos came out great! I had the strips designed EXACTLY as I wanted them, and being a perfectionist, precision is everything to me. I know for a fact that I got an amazing deal for such a low price, so once again, thank you!” – Monica Uch

“Thank you, Noel and the Photobooth team for everything on Saturday night! Everyone at my 21st was complimenting on how high of a service you delivered. Lavish photo booths definitely lifted the vibe for my 21st and I would highly recommend if they were looking for a photo booth!” – Theresa Grosso

This will give you an insight into the Lavish Photo Booth while they provide the services to its customers. Take a snap and celebrate!

Useful Tips For Finding The Best Wedding Photographer

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The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the lives of both bride and groom, all geared up to get married in front of their respective best people. They want to make sure that the precious moments of the day are captured and preserved by the photographer. As a result, the quest of finding the best wedding photographer continues and goes on unless or until you come across someone who satisfies your expectations level.

There are many wedding photographers across Australia offering different types of focuses for photography at varying prices. But finding the one, who is at the same wavelength as you and who understands the event from the perspective of personification instead of standardisation, requires you to do a lot of homework before finalising the photographer such as:

Pick the Style

If there are any particular wedding style photos that you like then you should communicate that to your shortlisted photographer. As many photographers offer a diverse range of styles to its customers to choose from such as portraiture or documentary style shots, an amalgamation of black & white and colour photos, to name a few. Therefore, knowing that preference of yours is important, in fact, you can then choose the photographer who specialises in that particular style in wedding photography Sydney.


Start your research by asking around from your friends and relatives about their experiences. Then go online and read the reviews, Instagram and Facebook pages play a very decisive role as when you go to those pages you can see the kind of work your shortlisted wedding photographer in Australia has been doing.

One On One Meeting

It is very important to meet the would-be photographers in person and share your expectations with them so you could get to know about their approach towards your big day. Then you can evaluate if you would be satisfied with their approach or not. Ideally, a good wedding photographer is someone who does not take your wedding day just like another wedding day rather every wedding should be taken as a unique event having its own emotional associations and values. Image Couture Photography in Australia, knowing this, has been capturing moments not the mere photos since long. As a result, they have been becoming one of the favorite wedding photography choices in Sydney.

Check Full Wedding Albums

Generally, people finalise photographers by going through their photos gallery or portfolio which is a very skewed approach. Rather you should ask the wedding photographer to make you see the complete wedding albums of 2 to 3 clients so you could have a better idea about the outcome of your investment.

Review Critically

It is very important to review the albums critically. Check out if there’s any consideration or creativity involved in the ways photos have been composed. How have lights been handled? The kinds and types of moments which have been captured? If there’s anything that you want in your photography session as well then you should instantly communicate that to the photographer.

Be Comfortable

While deciding upon the wedding photographer Sydney, you should evaluate and observe their personalities as well. It is very important that you find common ground with the photographer as he along with the team would be capturing your each and every move so the more in sync. You both would be with each other the better the photos would turn out to be. Image Couture is quite known for its customer service and user-friendly teamwork, they ensure to gel in with each of the assigned events to make the most out of it for the photos.

Compare Costs

The wedding photographer Sydney has standard fees as well as packages, you should get all the fees by considering the amount of coverage you intend to book them for i.e. full day, photo shoot or half day, any extras that you might opt out for, albums type and the cost on them. All this information would help you at reaching to the better decision for your wedding day photography in Australia.

Once you have gone through the above-mentioned steps, the last thing to do is asking about the post-wedding production process such as: how much time it would take to get the photos, when the proofs would be delivered and who would have the rights on them, would they be edited or not. All these things are important to make your big day worth remembering down the memory lane.