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Ice Games That You Can Play With Your Kids 

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Are summer vacations fast approaching and you are confused on what activities should you engage your kids into? Well, well, we know the pain mothers have to go through this time of the year. When you know vacations are approaching and your kids are going to be there all day long, all you want is to have something constructive for them to spend their time on. While summer camps are a good option, they can’t always keep your kids busy. So, if you work or kids just become sometimes too much to handle, we know you must be on a lookout for activities and ways through which you can keep your kids entertained this summer. In the midst of this all, the scorching heat will definitely limit most of the activities that you planned and the ideas you had in mind. But, there is one thing we all love in summer and use the most and want to spend with it all day? ICE! Yes, Ice is what keeps us cool throughout the summers. So, you can involve your kids in outdoor activities that are specially designed around the ice. Yes, you can plan out completely inexpensive and fun games for your kids, their reunion with friends, birthday parties or any other kids gathering. When the weather turns hot, cool down with some of the refreshing, icy games mentioned below. 

Musical Ice Cubes & Lick It: 

Who wouldn’t want some melting ice fun, not only keeping them cold but excited and laughing at the same time? What you need to is to have your children sit in a circle. Start playing the music, and as soon as it begins, pass the ice cube. The rule is simple; when the music stops, whoever is holding the ice cube is out. Continue repeating it till the ice melts or one player is left, who is definitely going to be the winner. This is a good game for younger children, as it does not involve a lot of thinking, and they will be all giggles with the anticipation of the music turning off. You can easily find some amazing ice machines for sale, buy one and get the party rolling. Another easy game that you can play with the kids is to freeze ice cubes with a Popsicle stick or a lollipop extending from each cube. Add in some flavour, and tell kids to race with each other to see who can melt their ice pop first by licking the cube. 

Frozen Treasure: 

Let the kids have some together exploring fun things too. In order to make their time a bit more interesting and to give you a break from organising all the stuff, you can simply play frozen treasure with them. All you have to do is to take foil chocolate coins or plastic pirate coins in small paper and freeze them. You can freeze the plastic cups too, if you have nothing available at that moment. Hide them in multiple places to it becomes an easy search game. Now make the kids race to see who can find the treasure first, and in which quantity. To make it more interesting for them, keep a strict rule that nobody is allowed to find the treasure by breaking the ice. They have to devise swift ways through which they can melt the ice. It will promote strategic thinking and the go-getter attitude too. 

Ice-Cube Rub: 

This game might be stupid for the adult in you, but you are not the one who is going to play, so let the kids enjoy. Divide all the children into two teams and have them line up. Each team leader will get an ice cube, and all the team members will take turns rubbing the ice cube to melt it. Player must keep rubbing their hands until they get too cold, and then pass it to the next person. The first team to melt the ice wins! 

Here were some of the games that you can play with the kids of elementary age and up or tweak them according to the age of your kids. The crux of planning these ice activities is for your kids to have some fun time together while beating the heat too.  


When In Doubt, Move House This Way

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There are quite often so many things, even too many things, to consider when the time comes to move house or apartment. It can be quite an overwhelming experience and if one is not careful enough it can really bombard you with some difficult decisions and choices that will affect the rest of your year and perhaps even your life. To that end, it is certainly good advice to keep your wits about you and consider what is really at the front of the anxiety. Get those things done and dusted, out the way and ticked off and you will be really pleased what will be to come. 


Ascertaining up front whether you are going to be the one who has to find the right packaging and boxes for your home’s contents is the right way to go about things. Companies like the house movers Werribee have to offer will quickly put you on the front foot with this, taking away all the hassle that can often come with this sort of process. You could make it so easy for yourself if you just trust removalists Point Cook. You could effectively just give them a few instructions, leave the premises and then go to your new one to accept delivery of your times. This makes a lot of sense if you want a relatively straightforward moving day. There have been many other people that have done this and there will be several more in the future who do the same. If you are able to, you should take advice from them. 


This is an expense you are going to be happy to fork out for, especially in that it will make things simpler for you. Take a look at your budget and understand that you could make space for this cost. If you drop one thing and move a few items and digits around, you will probably find that this is actually a realistic expense and one that will save you a hang of a lot of time in the short term and the long run. Yes, you could try do this all yourself with the help of friends and family and colleagues, but that might end up costing you more than just time and money. You don’t want to damage friendships because one of your mates dropped your grandmother’s prized vase in the driveway because he or she was being quite hurried and hastened and careless at the time of the avoidable incident. 

After day service 

Hopefully, the service you hire will be with you throughout the process and even thereafter. They might have some sort of value add service, whereby they come into your new and old home and clean up for you. That way, you are able to get a damage deposit back at your former abode because you left it in good shape or you are able to move into a new home that is free of dust and dirt because the value add service cleaned up ahead of you. 

How To Return To The Office After A Long Summer Vacation

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January is the month Aussies return to work after long summer vacations enjoying the end-of-the-year holidays. Some are back early in the month and a lucky few get to return near February. Coming back to work after a prolonged period just relaxing can be jarring, like returning home after spending years overseas. Here are several tips that will help you move back into the office and get back to the usual work rhythm: 

Call in an Office Cleaning Service 

Most offices are typically empty in December, but that doesn’t mean they get any cleaner. Before you return to the office, it’s a good idea to call in a cleaning service or suggest to the higher-ups to have the office properly cleaning. Contact a local commercial cleaning Port Melbourne service to get to the task. Find a cleaning company that specialises in cleaning offices. Some even offer special services for end of vacation cleaning. Find a reputable local company to have the office thoroughly cleaned before everyone returns. Employees would want to return to a clean place that doesn’t remind them of how hectic work can get in the upcoming months.  

Check Supplies and Restock the Office Kitchen 

It’s customary to empty the kitchen cabinets and the fridge before leaving for the vacations. When everyone comes back, it would be frustrating to find cabinets empty of essentials like coffee. Therefore, someone should stop by early to check inventory and restock the kitchen as necessary. No one wants to start the year in frustration because the water cooler is broken. So make sure the kitchen is in the shape it’s supposed to be before everyone returns. A well-stocked office kitchen would make people happy to be back at work.  

Request Time to Reply to Vacation Emails 

One of the biggest headaches of returning from vacation is having to deal with hundreds of new emails received over the vacation. For some, it won’t be possible to get through all the emails in one day. Therefore, politely request time from the manager to go through vacation emails and send replies. It’s also a good time to catch up on projects that you will have to engage with once more.  

Managers Should be Flexible in January  

It’s quite normal to see offices that are productive on less than average numbers during January. No one wants to be working in January. However, managers can mitigate a lowered productivity crisis by allowing employees more time to spend with family and friends. Be flexible in January, so that employees can split time between the work and family. They can return home early if needed, especially if kids have yet to return to work.  

Focus on Accomplishing Work Goals 

Instead of reminiscing about how the vacation was spent, return focus back to work. That is to say, start thinking about projects you have to get done this quarter or later in the year, or start thinking about the end-of-the-year bonus. Set work goals to accomplish so your focus naturally returns to what you are supposed to do. Otherwise, you would just spend time feeling bad about losing your free time. Making a new task list for the year would help as well.  

It can be tough to adjust back to the work schedule, but once you do the above, you will be able to do so more easily than most.  



What To Do If You Have Spotted Pests In Your Home

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Perhaps it was the vanishing tail of a mouse as it fled your pantry. Or, a cockroach scurried across your floors, right past your feet. Regardless of what the critter actually was, the fear has set in and now it is up to you to banish these creatures from your home. Of course, depending on what the problem is, this can actually be easier said than done. To make sure that you completely eradicate such critters from your home, here is what you need to do:

Identify the Vermin

Now, it is quite unlikely that you are going to want to get closer to an insect than absolutely necessary. Sometimes, however, it is not immediately apparent just what critter you are dealing with. With most larger, common insects, you should be able to identify the bug with relative certainty. However, the smaller ones, particularly those that are found in your pantry or food can be a little more difficult to distinguish. If you are going to use the proper techniques to get rid of them, you must first be aware of what you are up against. Only then can you match the solution to the problem.

Call in the Professionals

If you are lucky, you will find that the colony that has invaded your home is relatively small. Still, you should be aware that these creatures can multiply at impressive rates and can quickly overrun your abode. If the situation is worse than you initially thought and the infestation appears to be quite bad you should call domestic pest control Perth. Termipest Pest Control are useful for two main reasons. First, they have the proper chemicals and tools to make sure that the job is done properly. Also, they will know which places to target within your home so that the infestation is eradicated completely. This is why it is always best to let the professionals handle it.

Figure Out Where They Have Come From

Unlike other guests that you invite into your home, pests don’t use the front doors. Instead, they can find their way inside through the smallest crevices and cracks. As a rule of thumb, if a pen can fit in a particular hole or crack, it is large enough for a critter. This is why you should thoroughly examine the inside and outside of your home to figure what openings there may be. Some bugs can actually enter through drains. So, you may want to plug these places up in the night or when there are not in use. Make sure the sink or the shower is thoroughly dried before you do so.

Clean Out Your Home

One of the best things that you can do after discovering an infestation is to clean your home from top to bottom. You should especially clean out the areas that you tend to forget about or ignore. If the bugs have taken up residence in your pantry, you should throw any affected food. Then, remove all the other items and clean the cupboards with hot soapy water and then dry it out completely. As an added measure, you can wipe down the interior with a vinegar spray. If you want to prevent this problem from happening again, bay leaves and peppermint oil act as excellent deterrents.

So, if you notice that pests are running around, the above guidelines will help you solve the problem at hand.