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Choosing the best benchtops for your kitchen

One of the most important rooms of any house is the kitchen as that is the area where the food…

By Erin Ellen , in Small Business Services , at September 3, 2019

One of the most important rooms of any house is the kitchen as that is the area where the food is prepared and also eaten amongst family members. Most women spend a good part of their day in this area and it is very important that it be designed in such a way that is most comfortable for them to work in. Kitchen benchtops in northside are one of those things that should always be included in the design of the kitchen whether you are renovating or constructing a new one. They look like normal kitchen counters but also have the added benefit of having drawers underneath them which allows for storage of utensils and other objects related to cooking. If you choose to have multiple kitchen benchtops then you can also design them according to the things that they will hold, for example some drawers being allocated to pots and pans while others to cooking spoons. This makes your kitchen more organized and makes it easier for you to find and place your things as well. You will also find it easier to prepare for a meal as you will know where everything is placed. The top is usually made from materials such as stone or wood which can either be made to fit the shape of the benchtop or have a hanging side that is foldable and can also be used as a table. This type of table can come in handy when you need extra space when you have guests over or to simple have your children eat their food in the kitchen while you do other things. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that they can be customized in accordance with the rest of the house and your dream kitchen as well. 

The kitchen is one of the most used areas of the house and you need to give it a great deal of thought when you design it so that the space is uncluttered and makes your life easier and efficient. You need a kitchen benchtop that is not only beautiful but also suits your cooking style. The first thing that you need to factor in is your budget and what fits into it. If you have ample money to spend then you have a wide variety of options ranging from marble benchtops to wooden ones. You will also have to give priority to the general appearance of your kitchen and leave an amount of money that will be enough to cover the cost of the custom benchtop that will suit it. If you are considering a modern kitchen then be careful and you spend all your money early on, you will have to resort to buying low quality counters that will diminish the overall look of your kitchen. Another thing that piques the interest of the consumer is the appearance of the product and if they are really interested then they will go to great lengths to obtain it. Consider the color scheme of the area as well as the material of the splash backs and floor of the kitchen while making your decision. Most importantly, choose a custom benchtop that offers practicality so that you can easily do your meal prep on it as well as cutting and storing.  

Marble is a common choice of stone ion luxury kitchens and comes in the form of irregular slabs that have to be cut according to the benchtop. It is a porous material and is very impractical as any spills have to be wiped immediately. it can be sealed with a sealant but has to be resealed over time. The material is very unique and elegant but chips easily with the passage of time. Laminate is another popular choice of material as cheap to buy and easy to clean. You also have a wide variety of options in terms of colors and styles but it is not scratch and heat resistant and once it gets damaged, it is very difficult to repair. Timber benchtops are also a common choice as they are in the middle price range and have the benefit of being an environmentally friendly material. These custom benchtops look good in all types of kitchens and come in a wide variety of timbers to choose from.