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Get Documentary Recognition Of Your Past Knowledge And Experiences

What is RPL? Literally it stands for recognition of prior learning. The RPL is a process of assessment applied to evaluate the skills of…

By Erin Ellen , in Education , at August 15, 2018

What is RPL?

Literally it stands for recognition of prior learning. The RPL is a process of assessment applied to evaluate the skills of a person, the knowledge and experience acquired through working and learning within Australia or overseas, be it by way of life experience, work or activities such as volunteering. The RTOs could also provide credit against the units of competency, elements and the performance criteria, usually shortening the time required to study for a qualification. In general, there are four steps through which a candidate has to pass through prior to achieving the qualification through RPL. These embrace the following:  

  1. A free, obligation free RPL eligibility assessment provided by an accomplished skills certified representative.  
  2. Compilation and submission of your experience portfolio to furnish the relevant documentation such as the photos and the videos of you being on the job, references, academic achievements, your current resume etcetera. 
  3. A qualified assessor would view the evidence provided and finalize regarding your eligibility in connection with qualification through the RPL. 
  4. In case the assessor of the RTO considers you to be eligible, the relevant qualification would be awarded to you by the registered training organization. 

The RPL could be construed as a procedure for awarding a course completion to a candidate who has previously undergone successfully an equivalent study program. 

You may hold in your esteemed view the interesting fact that getting awarded the course completion certificate does not mean that the learner has actually studied the course, or performed any of the activities contained therein.

Assessment of course credit:

The assessment in connection with the RPL courses is carried out from the evidence as detailed in the relevant endorsed training package. To bolster such type of application the testimony of where and how the skills were acquired is needed. There are some subjects for which an exam is conducted but the majority of the modes of assessment are inclusive of practical test, group work, SA, personal portfolios, presentations, log books, written assessment and the case studies. Each subject boasts of being examined at through 2 to 3 assessments. 

In case you have already undertaken the same or an equivalent course then you may file an application pertaining to credit regarding the subject in question. The student could apply for undertaking the RPL subjects either prior to the beginning of the course or at the time of his presence on the campus. In multiple scenarios the process for appeal is available with regard to disputes, or the decisions or refunds granted. The RPL track on offer at the institutes comprise: 

  1. Automotive. 
  2. Civil construction. 
  3. Engineering. 
  4. Hair and beauty. 
  5. Information and technology. 
  6. Plumbing services. 
  7. Transport and logistics. 
  8. Building and construction. 
  9. Commercial cookery and hospitality. 
  10. Events and entertainment. 
  11. Health and massage. 
  12. Meat processing. 
  13. Retail processing. 
  14. Vocational education and training.
  15. Business and finance. 
  16. Community services. 
  17. Fitness and recreation. 
  18. Horticulture and land management. 
  19. Mining and resources. 
  20. Security and cleaning. 

Automotive: This qualification following your studies reflect the role of individuals performing a broad spectrum of tasks while repairing and managing the body of vehicles. The qualifications bestowed upon the candidates embrace: 

AUR32116 certificate 111 in automotive body repair technology.  

AUR32416 certificate 111 in automotive refinishing technology. 

AUR 30312 certificate 111 in automotive electrical technology. 

Hair and beauty  

This qualification speaks of the role of individuals employed as beauticians so as to provide a range of beauty services. The qualifications awarded include: 

SHB30115 certificate 111 in beauty services. 

SHB40115 certificate iv in beauty therapy. 

SHB50115 diploma in beauty therapy. 

Building and construction 

This qualification has been designed to match the requirements of builders and the managers concerning the small to medium sized building businesses. The qualification granted comprises: 

CPC40110 certificate iv in building and construction. 

CPC 40508 certificate iv in building and construction. 

CPC 50108 diploma in building surveying. 

The RPL approach recognizes that the candidates might have acquired appropriate knowledge, understanding and the relevant skills in the course of their past work experience, be it within Australia or further afield. The RPL also takes into account the elements and the criteria of performance the learner would have developed based upon his engagement in the learning experiences inside the Australian land or a foreign place.