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Ice Games That You Can Play With Your Kids 

Are summer vacations fast approaching and you are confused on what activities should you engage your kids into? Well, well,…

By Erin Ellen , in Small Business , at September 25, 2018

Are summer vacations fast approaching and you are confused on what activities should you engage your kids into? Well, well, we know the pain mothers have to go through this time of the year. When you know vacations are approaching and your kids are going to be there all day long, all you want is to have something constructive for them to spend their time on. While summer camps are a good option, they can’t always keep your kids busy. So, if you work or kids just become sometimes too much to handle, we know you must be on a lookout for activities and ways through which you can keep your kids entertained this summer. In the midst of this all, the scorching heat will definitely limit most of the activities that you planned and the ideas you had in mind. But, there is one thing we all love in summer and use the most and want to spend with it all day? ICE! Yes, Ice is what keeps us cool throughout the summers. So, you can involve your kids in outdoor activities that are specially designed around the ice. Yes, you can plan out completely inexpensive and fun games for your kids, their reunion with friends, birthday parties or any other kids gathering. When the weather turns hot, cool down with some of the refreshing, icy games mentioned below. 

Musical Ice Cubes & Lick It: 

Who wouldn’t want some melting ice fun, not only keeping them cold but excited and laughing at the same time? What you need to is to have your children sit in a circle. Start playing the music, and as soon as it begins, pass the ice cube. The rule is simple; when the music stops, whoever is holding the ice cube is out. Continue repeating it till the ice melts or one player is left, who is definitely going to be the winner. This is a good game for younger children, as it does not involve a lot of thinking, and they will be all giggles with the anticipation of the music turning off. You can easily find some amazing ice machines for sale, buy one and get the party rolling. Another easy game that you can play with the kids is to freeze ice cubes with a Popsicle stick or a lollipop extending from each cube. Add in some flavour, and tell kids to race with each other to see who can melt their ice pop first by licking the cube. 

Frozen Treasure: 

Let the kids have some together exploring fun things too. In order to make their time a bit more interesting and to give you a break from organising all the stuff, you can simply play frozen treasure with them. All you have to do is to take foil chocolate coins or plastic pirate coins in small paper and freeze them. You can freeze the plastic cups too, if you have nothing available at that moment. Hide them in multiple places to it becomes an easy search game. Now make the kids race to see who can find the treasure first, and in which quantity. To make it more interesting for them, keep a strict rule that nobody is allowed to find the treasure by breaking the ice. They have to devise swift ways through which they can melt the ice. It will promote strategic thinking and the go-getter attitude too. 

Ice-Cube Rub: 

This game might be stupid for the adult in you, but you are not the one who is going to play, so let the kids enjoy. Divide all the children into two teams and have them line up. Each team leader will get an ice cube, and all the team members will take turns rubbing the ice cube to melt it. Player must keep rubbing their hands until they get too cold, and then pass it to the next person. The first team to melt the ice wins! 

Here were some of the games that you can play with the kids of elementary age and up or tweak them according to the age of your kids. The crux of planning these ice activities is for your kids to have some fun time together while beating the heat too.