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PROMAC INTERNATIONAL  With the core purpose of supplying civil and electrical services and equipment to our Australian customers, Promac International was…

By Erin Ellen , in Industrial Services & Equipment , at May 28, 2020


With the core purpose of supplying civil and electrical services and equipment to our Australian customers, Promac International was established in 2004. We always had a close eye on the shortcomings of the market and therefore from the very beginning we made a promise to our customers that we will provide the best in its kind service to our customers, so they never have to worry about their power needs. Our products range from generators to street lights for sale


At Promac International we have 10 KVA to 45kva generators for our customers. Our product is tested for quality and safety before being handed over to the clients. If you are looking for portable generators, they can be a reliable source for lighting up your refrigerators, your irons and other essential home appliances in case of power break out. We have a wide variety of options available for you to choose from with all promising the best efficiency and value of money. In case anyone at your home is under constant medical supervision and they require a help from a medical equipment, then it is essential for you to have a portable generator ready with you at all time for all the times of emergency. 

If you have any portable generator at home that is already in work, make sure you have all the safety areas covered and the generator is installed with utmost care and safety. If you are unsure, you can contact Promac International customer service department today and get yourself a handyman to take care of the business for you in order to make your home safe and avoid all kinds of safety hazard that can happen due to insufficient safety measures taken by the owner of the generator. Generator, like any other is an electronic device therefore it is necessary that the required safety measures are taken care of at all stages of the product development, installation and working during normal life hours of the generator. 


  • During Use 
    Make sure the generator is used for utmost necessary jobs only and not in the case when there is already other alternate energy source available. The generator has a complex system which needs to have its time for resting and preventive maintenance. This helps keep the machine in running condition with the assured case of it not causing any kind of hazard for the user.
  • Safety Measures
    Make it a thumb rule that you should never plug a generator directly to the electric socket and keep the generator off the outlets when the other appliances are working through the main energy source. When the electricity breaks down happens, the generators provide electricity to the power outlets in a reverse direction such that the electric devices are powered. In case there is already energy in the lines and the generator is turned on, there will be a clash and a huge break down can happen. 
  • Installation Phase 
    A double throw transfer is used in case the generator is permanently plugged to the energy source of the house. This system isolates the main energy line when the generator is in working position. 


Make sure your generator is listed under Factory Mutual agreement before making a purchase. We have several units available that you can choose from based on your requirements. The variety ranges from high power automatic generators to low powered manual generators that are enough for both residential and commercial use by the companies and other kinds of clients. Make sure your generator option that you have selected out of our wide range, is quality checked and approved for safety standards. If the safety standards are not followed and approved than there is a slight chance that the company may not take responsibility in case of any mishap that can happen due to the lack of safety measures taken by the manufacturer and then the owner of the generator. Make sure your product is installed as per the standards of AUE and the system of electricity in your home is reliable enough to bear the load.