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Organising A Function 

Organising an event can be a hard task especially if you lack the experience in it. It requires a great…

By Erin Ellen , in Event Services , at November 22, 2018

Organising an event can be a hard task especially if you lack the experience in it. It requires a great deal of multitasking and even the most experienced people forget some aspects that needed consideration. Organising a function requires hundreds of decisions and actions and being a human, you are bound to make some mistakes. Nevertheless, your goal is to organise a smooth event and for that, this article will be giving you heads up so you don’t stumble upon the most commonly made mistakes.  

When to start looking for the venue 

The first query that pops in mind when you decide to organise a function is, ‘when do you start?’ Among the many decisions you’ll be taking, this is the first one that you need to take in order to have enough time to plan everything else on time. The surprising part is, there is no definite answer to that. It is better to start as early as possible. You should book the function venues St.Kilda about 4-5 months before the main day. Before this, you should be clearing your concept of your budget and other requirements of the event. Planning the event as early as possible will give you enough time to search for the right caterer and other services at the most affordable rates. It will also help you analyse everything completely without pushing yourself to panic due to shortage of time.  

Services to consider when looking for venue 

Organising a function is not just about renting a function venue and a catering staff. You need to look for the services you will be needing. This ranges from the basic catering service to the availability of tables, chairs, clean-up service and availability of audio system. When you look for the venue, see if the management offers tables and chairs or would you need to arrange this on your own. Similarly, check for the audio system for your function. Some venues provide a complimentary audio system. You would also need to check about the clean-up services of the venue. Likewise, if there are some extra service that you will be needing based on your function, ask about its availability from the management of the venue. If you’re lucky, you might not have to arrange anything on your own.

Think about the layout in advance 

When organising the event, it is highly possible that you get so lost in organising the day that you forget to pay heed to the details of the events on the day. In parallel to organising, you should pay close attention to the activities that will be carried out on the big day. You should maintain a tentative schedule of the events and a general idea about the way the activities will be conducted smoothly. Planning these activities will not only help the function pass smoothly, but also help you decide the services you need such as audio system or the presence of a stage.   

Pay close attention to the ambiance 

When looking for the function venue, do just go with the hard facts such as cost and services, consider the ambiance of the place as well. Analyse the ambiance of the place and the vibes it gives off. It is better to go with a venue that goes with the type of function you need it for. One significant reason for this is, the more the place is opposite to the type of function you plan to have, the more you would need to spend on décor to achieve the right ambiance for your event.  

Finding tips  

Keeping the above considerations in mind, it should be fairly easy to search for the right match of function venue. However, it is important that you use all the tools at your disposal. Do not just limit yourself to the internet. Ask people about the venues they know about. If you know someone who has arranged a similar event in the past, ask about their experience and take tips to avoid those mistakes. You might get a reference or two for the right venue. Whichever means works for you in finding the appropriate venue, make sure you consider all the points mentioned above, before finalising your deal.