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Reasons to Choose the Services of Catholic Care 

Who does not like to spend time with family? God has blessed us with family and friends. They are the…

By Erin Ellen , in Community Services Health Services Non Profit: Churches, Community Services , at May 10, 2022

Who does not like to spend time with family? God has blessed us with family and friends. They are the root cause of our being and happiness. We like to surround ourselves with people who push us to be a better version of ourselves. A healthy person can take care of himself in all possible ways. On the other hand, if we talk about the people who are disabled and handicapped need help to have access to basic things. They need help in getting the basic chores done for themselves. It is impossible to deny that they are equally talented and can perform in all the stages of life if they get a proper platform and resources.  

Catholic care services are a blessing for those people who need help in daily life. The motive of our services is to serve physically challenged, old aged and disabled people to have a better lifestyle. They also have a heart and want to socialize like normal people. We help them in achieving all their desires in life. We offer different programs for all categories including home care services in Wollongong and aged care services Wollongong.  

The Programs 

Following programs, we have been offering to our valuable clients.  

  • Counselling 

We all know those who have been going through a crisis or have been into some crisis in the past face issues in their daily life. Anything related to the incident triggers them and they go into depression. They need proper counselling sessions to overcome the traumatic incident. We have a team of counsellors who know how to deal with people of all age groups. It is not necessary that the old age group or adults need counselling. If we look around, we come to know that even kids need counselling to have a better lifestyle. 

  • Disability 

Disable people cannot do chores on their own. They need a person to have access to small things. We have to take care of them all the time. We know that in a home where to disable person lives, the whole house has to stay alert all the time. There are high chances of getting hurt if we left them alone for a few hours. The most issue is that they can fall and hurt themselves if they have leg issues. Likewise, if they are bedridden, they need assistance with feeding food, taking them to the restroom, giving medicines to them etc. We have to make a schedule of everything from giving food to medicines. We have to be mindful when it comes to giving them food. They do not walk; therefore, we have to add things to their meals that quickly digest. We have professionals who can handle disabled people with care. 

  • Home Care Services Programs 

We have a special program called home care services Wollongong. As the name defines that we offer services at home. We know that people do not like to send their loved ones to hostels or places where they do not get to see them daily. Siblings, parents, kids and spouses are people who we want to see as soon as we enter a house. Keeping that love in mind, we have started offering services at home. Our home care service is an exclusive package where you can blindly trust our staff. We can guide you with all the medicines, meal programs, motor skill programs, counselling sessions, how to make them happy etc. People who are dependent on others feel that they cannot do anything on their own. They forget that they have brains. Our people help them in polishing their skills and have a positive essence towards life.  

  • Aged Care Services Programs 

Aged people become starting hating their life when they accept the fact that they have become a burden to their kids. They do not want to bind them in any possible ways. Our services give them another chance to live life to the fullest. We also give them the opportunity to make their dreams come true even at this age.  


Other programs that we offer are as follows. 

  • Children’s Program 
  • School Programs 
  • Marriage Programs 
  • Parenting Programs 
  • Family Support 
  • Community Visits 
  • Foster Care 

If you are looking for home care services Wollongong, or aged care services in Wollongong then feel free to contact us.