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Retire In Style!  

When we think of retirement living, what usually comes to mind is a dull, drab, institutionalised facility, whose occupants live…

By Erin Ellen , in Property Management , at August 15, 2018

When we think of retirement living, what usually comes to mind is a dull, drab, institutionalised facility, whose occupants live the remainder of lives with limited mobility, social interaction, and freedom. For those of us looking to retire soon or those of us with our loved ones retiring, this form of retirement living can be an unacceptable option. After all, who would want to spend the third phase of their life is almost locked up, with little to no freedom, and what child would want to see their parents go through that? Yet, this leaves us with a problem. With children moving away as they have grown up, the senior members of the family can be left alone and deprived of the companionship and the attention that they need. Retirement villages can be the perfect solution to this problem. An upgraded form of retirement living, retirement villages offer residents the perfect mix of community living, independence, and care. No longer will the retirees living be deprived of their independence and mobility but rather, they can live together in a home of their own, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Here are three reasons why retirement villages are the best form of retirement living for you or your loved ones.  

  1. Upon reaching a certain age, we can almost feel as if everyone around us is younger and more occupied. The biggest problem with retirement is that it leaves seniors with a lot of time on their hands, which they may understandably want to spend it with good companionship. This, however, is mostly not possible as the children have just started their lives and are busy. Newer, younger people may move into old neighbourhoods and thus the senior can be deprived of companionship. Isolation is the number one reason that triggers unhappiness in humans, at any age. Retirement villages can provide seniors with all the socialisation opportunities they need. Outgoing individuals can meet people their own age every day, and can thus maintain a very essential support circle. 
  2. With children moving out, our old family homes can become a great hassle. As we grow older we naturally don’t feel as mobile and active as we used to, and maintaining large homes can be a big issue. Furthermore, this can incur unnecessary expenses, swindling our savings bit by bit. Over 50’s villages can see us moving into architecturally designed, smaller yet much more manageable units, perfect for the senior citizen. No longer will we be tasked with maintaining the home but rather, we can live a life of ease in a beautifully designed home. The Village can provide us with the perfect homes that we wish to see ourselves in after all our life’s hard work, as the homes are not only beautifully designed, but also equipped with all modern amenities.  
  3. Perhaps the most important reason for moving into an over 50’s villages North Brisbane is that it allows us all the time in the world to do the things that we love, with the greatest independence. Apart from socialisation, seniors can spend their time engaging in various hobbies and games. Those who prefer to drive can have their own vehicles. With a home in any of the locations of The Village, your life can really be a perpetual vacation. Indeed, residents describe life at The Village as a hard earned vacation, with the communities resembling resorts. Your independence is not compromised upon in the slightest, and you can still engage in all the activities that you used to before, all the while living in a beautiful community, surrounded by people your age.  The Village’s over 50’s villages can be the perfect hard earned break that we all look forward to having in our later lives. 

With beautiful homes, a community based style of living, coupled with freedom to do as we please and limitless opportunities to engage in our favorite hobbies and sports, retirement has never looked greater. In fact, this can actually make those of us still working look forward to retiring! With the group being awarded many awards for their stellar services, in choosing them you will be choosing the best possible life for yourself.