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Selecting The Right Music For Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day Responsibilities   Wedding day is one of the most special day of anyone’s life and almost everyone tries hard…

By Erin Ellen , in Wedding Services , at October 26, 2018

Wedding Day Responsibilities  

Wedding day is one of the most special day of anyone’s life and almost everyone tries hard to make it as perfect as it can be. From the menu for the feast to the dress and accessories, everything needs to be perfect. This degree of perfect demands quite a lot of time and most couples find it hard to manage everything in just 7-8 months that they have before the wedding. In all this hustle, most couples forget paying attention to the band they’re going to invite on their wedding and later on they are left with ‘if only’. 

Things to consider before booking a wedding band 

To save you from regrets later on, following are some of the guidelines that will help you decide the right wedding band for your wedding day.  

  1. First of all, you need to decide the type of wedding band you want. It could be a solo singer or a group of 3-4. Most people prefer acoustic wedding band as it provides a great balance between smooth music and not being too loud. Acoustic bands are perfect for a background music during the entire function. There are other options as well such as jazz and even pop music.  
  2.  Next you need to finalise the budget for the band. This depends on whether you’re booking a solo singer or a band with 4-5 musicians. Logically, the more the number of musicians there are in a band, the expensive it will be. You also need to check the location of the band as most bands charge a travelling fee if they’re located in a different city.  
  3. Once you have decided the band, you need to make a playlist or at least have an idea about the type of songs that you want to be played on your wedding. It is best that you pick the songs yourself, but there is the option of telling a genre. The playlist also depends on the timing as you can not have loud music or songs in the evening when the guests are having chat with each other and only background music is required at that time. 
  4. You also need to confirm the space that the band will be needing. You can get these details from the band that you hire. 
  5. Lastly, do check the reviews of their past clients before booking a band. It is never a good idea to perform experiment on your special day. 

Acoustic Bands for weddings 

Acoustic bands, as mentioned before, are a popular choice for the weddings. This is because they not only give a great vibe to the evening through light engaging music, but also provide a background music when the guests are having a chat or so. Some acoustic bands even offer to roam around in the wedding and interact with the guests to make the night more memorable. The best part is, acoustic bands can cover almost all genres of songs and they won’t cost much because it’s hardly 1 band of 2-3 people. This is an affordable and ideal option for wedding music.   

Myths about Live Acoustic wedding bands 

There are some misconceptions related to acoustic bands. Some people believe these bands will only play certain songs that they know. The fear of lack of variety or repetition of songs makes these people go for DJ or other bands. However, this is not the case. Acoustic bands have a wide range of songs they can play. Some people find acoustic bands too cheesy which can be dealt with by giving the playlist that they do not find too cheesy. There is also the fear of live band being too loud which is absolutely false, especially for an acoustic band.  

8 mistakes with an acoustic band for wedding  

Despite the thorough planning and scheduling, there are some common mistakes that most couples do on their wedding day, as far as wedding music is concerned. Take note of these to be mindful of them when your special day is just around the corner. 

  1. Do not use a venue where sound limiters are installed.  
  2. Schedule the timings of the songs carefully. You do not want loud music when guests are greeting each other or during meal time.  
  3. Make a playlist long enough to accommodate at least an extra hour of the day. You do not want the songs to be repeated, just because the function extended a few minutes.  
  4. Do not trust the video performance of some band performing in a studio. Try to get coverage of their live performance before signing them for your wedding day.