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Things To Know Before You Take Your Car For Bodywork Repair

Bodywork repair refers to any mechanical repair work done to the body of your car. If you get a scrape…

By Erin Ellen , in Truck & Vehicle , at October 26, 2017

Bodywork repair refers to any mechanical repair work done to the body of your car. If you get a scrape on the hood and take your car to the auto shop, the resulting pairs would be bodywork repairs. Car bodywork repairs are serious work. While fixing a scrape seems easy enough, if parts are being replaced you need to pay attention to how the work is done. Here is what you should know before you take your car for any type of bodywork repair: 

Find a Certified Mechanic 

Make sure the Warragul panel beater that works on your car is actually certified. All auto mechanics are not certified as you might think. Certificates are not legally necessary to work on your vehicle, but having one shows that the auto mechanic is trained, knowledgeable and experienced. Therefore, choose Go A Grade auto shop that proudly displays certificates of employees. You should inquire if certificates are not shown. To be sure, pick a business that is listed with an automotive business network as these businesses tend to be more reliable than most.  

Not All Mechanics are Qualified to Work on Your Type of Vehicle 

Mechanics, like doctors, have specializations. Therefore, the best mechanic to diagnose what’s wrong with your car and find a suitable solution would be someone who specialises in your type of vehicle. If you drive a Honda SUV for example, find an auto shop that specializes in fixing Honda SUVs. While a specialist technician may not be needed to fix every tiny scrape if the repairs needed are extensive, you really should seek out one.  

Request a Detailed Repair Plan 

Before you pay for the car, you need to ask for a detailed plan on which repairs were done, where, and how each was conducted. This is important because some parts of your vehicle could be removed and replaced. For example, if a scrape was repaired and repainted, then the hood or a door might have been removed to protect paint splatter or something similar of the sort. That’s why it’s important to have detailed plan listing all such things. If your car later gets a problem, you can refer to this detailed repair plan to know if something went wrong in the process of a replacement.  

Do Ask How the Repainting is Done 

Removing pain and repainting is one of the most common bodywork repair tasks that many cars undergo. Car owners should be aware that there are many different ways that auto shops go about this process of repainting. Removing paint may involve sanding or use of harsh chemicals. Repainting may involve removing some parts to preserve the original paint. Therefore, to make sure your vehicle is treated in the best way possible, always ask how the auto shop is going to repaint the car. It’s best to ask how much paint will be removed for future reference as well. The work done should be reflected in the price too.  

Get Price Estimates in Writing 

Never go with a verbal price estimate. It will only lead to a nasty dispute with the auto shop. If an estimate is provided, it should be in writing. The final cost should reflect this estimate. The auto shop should have a good justification if the final cost is way above the given estimate. The estimate should also be detailed. For example, if you are paying for repainting, the auto shop should give details on how the paint will be removed, how new colour is matched, and so on.  

Don’t leave anything to chance! If bodywork repairs are botched, it would only cost you more.