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Three Challenges Start Up Real Estate Businesses Face

Are you tired of the continuous and dull data entry routine you follow every day at your job? Does it bother you that you have…

By Erin Ellen , in Software & Technology , at September 3, 2018

Are you tired of the continuous and dull data entry routine you follow every day at your job? Does it bother you that you have to do, supervise and recheck every task at your firm? This is how you may feel if you have a startup either as a solo mission after leaving your agency or just being new to the industry itself. The biggest complication any business faces is to manage their relationship with their customers who are perhaps the only reason any business remains afloat. You can make your life easy by making use of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. It helps connect all the departments of your business so that all notes and relevant information is organized into one cloud based system. This means that you won’t have to even leave your chair in order to access client information, schedule meetings, create survey forms etc leading to increased overall efficiency which saves a lot of time and effort. With an internet connection, you are ready to walk into a meeting with your top client because all his information will be available on your cell phone once you integrate the CRM system on to it. With its ability to get real time notifications for situations like when your client accesses your price listing or when he/she clicks the contact button so that you know how to approach the specific customer.

There are a few challenges that your real estate startup may face in its early years:

Struggling To Set Up Shop

In this modern day and age, everything is digital, so it is necessary that you set up a website to boost sales and a real estate CRM in order to track and nurture your leads. For a person who has limited experience in either software development or the real estate market, it can be really unnerving and time consuming to set up all the necessities. Furthermore, you may not want to waste any time learning how to get a web page up and running but instead, pay attention to your business.

Paying Huge Upfront Costs

When you start a business there is a great proportion of costs that are essential, and you cannot delay them. There is stuff like billing software, contract software, accounting software and much more that you need. Moreover, you’ll have to hire a developer to build a great website which also needs regular maintenance which adds to the costs and by the time you open your doors to customers, you’ll already be in deep waters.

Doing Everything Yourself

Whenever you start a new business, it is really overwhelming to figure everything out on your own. If you hire help from outside, a lot of the ‘experts’ won’t actually have any experience with real estate and will fail to understand the hurdles that you face. Furthermore, as a new business owner, you will be extremely cautious and will try doing each task yourself and questioning every decision you make.

Aro offers to you the best real estate CRM on the market that will solve all your worries. They help you set up a responsive website and an easy to use CRM that you need to start your real estate business quickly, stay organized and land your first sale. With their CRM system, you can be confident about your business knowing that the automated workflows will help you convert leads into paying customers. Moving on, Aro is the only CRM provider who doesn’t charge an upfront fee and only charges a small monthly fee that covers everything from subscription, maintenance to set up costs meaning that you will get a world class system while saving thousands of dollars over the life of your business.

The team at Aro has experience of working in the real estate market so they understand the challenges you face. Their staff is available for immediate support and will answer any query you may have. They aim to provide you with high quality client management software which guarantees you an increase in leads, listings, fewer mistakes and greater efficiency. They understand that the last thing a new business person like you needs is to sit at his/her office desk wasting time on paperwork, this is where they come in.