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Tips For A Highly Successful Marketing Event

When it comes to marketing and promotions, anyone who is in it will tell you that you need a whole…

By Erin Ellen , in Ecommerce , at April 4, 2018

When it comes to marketing and promotions, anyone who is in it will tell you that you need a whole lot of patience above all else. You are likely to come up against catastrophes of all sizes and types that vary in nature. So if you are just heading into the field, then there is a lot for you to learn. That said though, the field itself can be fun, exciting and interesting. If you are the type of person who likes a challenge and wants something to work on all the time, it fits well. Now, amongst the many things marketing involves, marketing events are one. So consider this an introductory guide to the same, so you know the ropes a little better.

Social Media Promotion

Honestly, there are few things as effective as social media nowadays, especially when it comes to promotions and marketing events. Firstly, open up a page for the event, and then branch off into other social media channels as you see fit. The important thing is that you promote consciously, not just bombarding people with information all the time. Your event page is where people will most likely interact with you, so you need to be on it constantly. With all this technology around us, there is no excuse for less communication, so bear that in mind. If you want to hand out Albury Enviro Bags to the first 20 people for example, then you need to let them know that.

The Venue

The next most important thing is to secure the venue and a suitable one at that too. Depending on the nature of the event this can vary, but we are guessing you want something corporate heavy. There are actually lots of beautiful venues of varying backgrounds that are only too happy to let their spaces out for such events. Corporates bring in cash for them, so why on earth not? You want to scout out the locations carefully, taking your time with each and visiting them in person to get a feel for the place. You also get to see how practical it is to host your event there which is a plus.

Research Your Vendors

Ah, this is where you want to sharpen your skills. Here comes the art of negotiation. You may not have a natural knack for it, but not to worry. You can always pick it up. Even if you are picking up promotional bags online for instance, you can work out a deal. Especially if you are buying in bulk. You want to exercise all your options, and go for the best deal. Seeing as how you are in marketing, this should not be too much of a problem! Though it can be hard to have contacts when starting out, remember, everyone begins somewhere so do not be discouraged. Go through all vendors you can get your hands on. Suss them out with final costs before making your final decisions.

Market It Well

You want people to show up, especially if it is a public event for people to attend as opposed to an internal office one. For that, you need to market it far and wide, and well of course. Nobody has time for stupid campaigns frankly, though they are of course entertaining. Well, for the most part. So you also need to make sure you let them know what it is about and how it will help them. People want a few points of reason and they tend to give in, so think hard.