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Tips For Camper Van In The Summer In Australia

There’s no better time to explore the beauty of Australia than the summer. And there’s no better mode of travelling…

By Erin Ellen , in Solar & Power , at March 15, 2018

There’s no better time to explore the beauty of Australia than the summer. And there’s no better mode of travelling than the camper van, which allows travellers to get close to nature, even in remote areas without motels anywhere nearby. While summer can be amazing, the weather can pose a few challenges. Check out the tips below for going on a camper van getaway in the hot weather: 

Rely on Photovoltaic Power 

One of the biggest challenges of camper van is finding an alternate source of power when you are off the grid. Let’s face it; going off the grid doesn’t necessarily mean switching off the smartphone or not using electric kitchen appliances. Camper van traditionally relied on gas and batteries to get them though the trip. But these are finite resources. You could ended up in the middle of nowhere with zero access to a power source. But there is a near infinite source of power in the summer: the sunlight. Go and invest in solar panels Perth or in your local areas to get maximum advantage of the summer sun. You can power small to large gadgets using various photovoltaic devices. Though the initial investment is substandard, you will get incredible eco-friendly benefits in the future.  

Calculate Power Consumption Estimates 

When planning your camper van trip, it’s equally important to calculate how much power you will end up using. Make sure you know the voltage and watt count of each and every device or gadget in the camper van that requires electricity, including the camper van itself. You will have to pack extra fuel and batteries based on these. Some camper vans expect to stop by campsites with 120v outlets to recharge. But keep in mind that road tripping is full of unexpected surprises. You could end up being on the road without access to a campsite due to various reasons. Therefore, it’s important to know what you need before you go. Also, purchase your PV panels from a reputable and helpful local supplier like While solar powered gadgets can be extremely useful, these can be a pain to set up. Technical problems might come up on the way, so it’s important to have great customer support from the supplier.  

Spot Check All Appliances before Leaving 

Before you hit the accelerator and speed off into the unknown, perform a thorough spot check on all interior appliances and fixtures. Make sure everything works before you leave. Don’t check just the electrical gadgets, check the gas appliances too. It’s important to make sure each function as they are supposed to so you don’t end up needing technical support in the middle of the road. With gas appliances, leaks should be spot checked for safe camper van.  

Use Charcoal to Remove Odours  

Camper vans that have been stores away for the winter sometimes end up emanating very disgusting smells in the summer. If the odours are not linked to the sewage system, use charcoal to fix the smells. Placing plenty of charcoal in the problem area is known to get rid of bad smells quite effectively. It’s also much more pleasant than using a chemical odour masking spray. For safety, choose charcoal that hasn’t been sprinkled with lighter fluid.  

Remember, summer means plenty of sun and heat. So pack your shades and water purifiers. Keep the above tips in mind to make your summer camper van trip as pleasant as possible.