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10 Essentials To Make Your Baby Bag Travel-Ready

New and to be mothers, no matter how happy they are from inside, get quivers when they contemplate life after…

By Erin Ellen , in Baby Ecommerce , at July 13, 2018

New and to be mothers, no matter how happy they are from inside, get quivers when they contemplate life after having babies: “who would take care of my extra needs”; “would I be treated differently – or indifferently – by my hubby once I enter the ‘mature’ age?” “How would I carry myself at the parties with a toddler on my lap?” “How would I satisfy the needs of the little human who has just been delivered from my own womb?” “Can I ever become what they call a ‘perfect mother’?” These are some of the many numbing questions that keep popping up in the minds of young mothers, and most of these questions stem from their inexperience when it comes to parenting. So ladies, meet your new best friend that you’ll seriously need by your side all the time, so much so that you’ll have to take a U-turn if you hit the road without it. This all-encompassing friend of yours, without a speck of doubt, is your diaper bag. Do not take it for granted, ever, for it is going to be your security blanket, your magical purse. Here is your baby bag checklist containing some absolute essentials that have to make it into the bag:  


To be sure, you’ll need one diaper for every two hours you’re out; maybe even a few extra, just to avoid any last minute embarrassment.  


Look for the best baby bags Australia has to ensure that the bag has a special compartment for the all-important baby wipes, which need to be kept moist. Do use a plastic sandwich bag too, just to be safe. Indeed, being handy while wiping baby’s bum, your hands and the changing pad, baby wipes act as one of the most multi-tasker essentials of your diaper bag.  

Baby cream and ointments 

The delicate skin of your cherub warrants extra attention and nothing comes in handier than the creams and ointments in this regard. During travel, in particular, you must keep these products in your friendly bag. However, don’t forget to save some space with travel-sized tubes. 

Changing pad 

Most of the time, and as part of the recent trend in Australia, the designer diaper bags already contain a couple of changing pads. However, even if your bag comes with one, you might realise you need a couple more.  

Small empty sacks 

Use these little empty sacks for soiled diapers and clothing; also, toss them if they’re disposable, bring home if they’re cloth. These work for used pacifiers and nipples as well.  


If you use them – you really should – store in a clean bag along with extra bottle nipples to keep everything sanitary. 

Burp Cloths 

Heap burp cloths or washcloths as many as you can; add a few more if you have time, as it will absorb the abrupt spit-ups of your tot, saving your dress from being tainted at countless occasions.  

Hand sanitiser 

This little thing is one of your designer diaper bags essentials because you don’t know who else has touched what you’ve touched before you feed or change baby. 

Food for baby 

From infant formula and bottles to pumped breast milk down to baby food, you’ll definitely have to figure out how many feedings-worth you’ll need and pack accordingly. Of course, for toddlers, you’ll also want to include some water. 

Change of clothes 

Because of sporadic spit-ups, blow-outs and leaky bottles, an extra pair of clothes always come to the rescue and must occupy a special place in your baby bag. Throw in a couple extra pairs of socks while you’re at it.


Although Australia’s climate remains sunny around the year, seasons do vary with intense temperatures. So be sure you’ll need a seasonally appropriate topper to block out sun or cold. 

Light blanket 

No matter what the season, it’s always good to have an extra on hand for unexpected breezes and drafty restaurants. They’re also useful to shade baby from the sun. 

This is how, by virtue of containing all the aforementioned essentials, the well-packed pouch called ‘diaper bag’ slings over your shoulders (and clips easily onto the stroller) and makes messy situations disappear. Moreover, how good would it be if you go for the best designer nappy bags in town!