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All about Depression Counselling

Why Counselling for Depression?  Depression is becoming a serious problem in adults and even teenagers. The number of suicides and…

By Erin Ellen , in Health Services , at March 21, 2019

Why Counselling for Depression? 

Depression is becoming a serious problem in adults and even teenagers. The number of suicides and mental victims are increasing with each passing year. This is an alarming sign for the need of counselling. Due to the stereotypes, people face a hard time being vocal about it. It is not easy for someone suffering from mental depression, to accept this diseases and ask for help. To cater to this problems, experts are working persistently to come up new effective methods of Depression Counselling Melbourne and simply to raise general awareness for this matter.  

People often underestimate the significance of taking help from an expert of the field. Taking matters into own hands sometimes leads to a far worse situation. On the other hand, if you let an expert take care of it, you will get a professional diagnosis. This means, a professional counsellor is better able to understand the cause of the mental depression and so, s/he will be aware of the right methods and techniques to cure the problem.  

Speaking about depression isn’t easy. People often find it hard to speak about this problem with their friends. Opening up to your friends and relatives about it can risk the shame and the numerous labels one gets attached to. Moreover, some people simply don’t want to burden their loved ones by telling them about their depression. Professional counselling gives these people a chance to speak about their feelings and cure the depression in the most effective way.  

Symptoms of Depression 

It is often difficult to observe the symptoms of mental depression. One reason for this is, there are very different reasons and it might take up to months before you observe any of these symptoms. Some of the common symptoms are: 

  • Feeling low all the time 
  • Feeling hopeless 
  • Feeling irritated almost all the time 
  • Sleeping too much 
  • Facing a lack of motivation in daily activities 
  • Experiencing suicidal thoughts 

These are not all the symptoms, but these are some of the most common and easy-to-observe symptoms. If you feel these symptoms in yourself or in any of your closed one, get professional help immediately. The more the problem is delayed, the more the disease will get worse and harder to cure. Depression, at its worst stage, can cause someone’s life so it’s better to get depression counselling before the suicidal thoughts dominate the victim.  

Methods of Counselling 

Just like there are different types of depressions, there are different types of methods that have been designed to cure the particular cause of depression most effectively. Some of the popular methods of curing depression include counselling, medication, therapies or some other. The most common method for curing depression remains counselling. Counselling reveals the deep-rooted causes of the depression and removes them from the root. Counselling takes place under the supervision of professional depression counsellor who helps the patient overcome the fears of sharing and identity the root causes of the negative thoughts. The counsellor may be focusing on the patient’s behavior, thinking, the past events leading to negative thoughts or any other factors that help identity the main cause of depression. The ‘triggers’ are identified and then the coping mechanisms are explained to the patient. The counsellor and the patient, both work towards the improvement of the patient. Sometimes, the counsellor takes help from medication and sometimes, natural treatments are suggested in the session. Natural treatments such as exercise, meditation, sufficient water and many other treatments help in improving the state of the patient. The counsellor observes the affects of the treatments suggested. This can take from weeks to up to months.  

Behavior Therapy 

Behavior therapy is one of the most effective methods of curing depression. In this therapy, the behavior of the patient is observed and changes are suggested to change the feelings of depression. Behavior therapy helps the patients in observing their behavior, developing new activities that help in changing the behavior in the desired manner, modifications in the body language of the patient that will help change the thoughts and feelings. Behavior therapy demands a lot of commitment from the patient’s side. This is because, the patient needs to abide by the suggested body language, even in daily life. Behavior therapy also helps the counsellor understand the causes of the negative feelings.