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Basics You Must Check Before Installing A Door Access Control System 

In today’s world, it has become increasingly integral for the businesses to look after their security. The security is one…

By Erin Ellen , in Construction & Building , at August 3, 2018

In today’s world, it has become increasingly integral for the businesses to look after their security. The security is one of the main components when it comes to businesses trying to establish themselves. This is why, door access control systems are being installed all around the world, so that not only the premise remains safe and secure, but sophisticated and easy to manage at the same time. If you are wondering, what exactly door access control system entails, don’t worry, we are going to help you out here. It encompasses a complete system that makes sure that your doors are only attended by and given access to, for those who you choose to and trust. In simpler words, with an electronic keypad, you can secure access to the provision of entry to only the authorized personnel. Those who install the system will be given codes, passwords or entry IDs to be used so that those who don’t have one, can’t enter the buildings. Remote access control does not only mean security, but it also means that you will avoid manual errors and would be saving a lot of money on safety in the long run. Discussing about this system is easier said than done. You have a lot to think about and review, before you go ahead with the installation. 

Let’s start off with a list of basic factors that you should review before installing the door access control system. The foremost thing you should assess is the purpose of your installation. Most of the businesses and companies want this system for a variety of reasons, including the authorisation of entry and exit, and safety of assets, goods and materials. You need to gauge this, because the layout and size of the system that you will be installing depends on the purpose. Usually, the access system only needs to be installed at the entrance and exit of the premises. Other than this, most of the companies use Aluminium Security Doors Melbourne alongside the access system to secure the vaults where valuables have been stored or where server rooms with confidential data are located. 

Another factor here would be to consider and review the type of authentication. Most of the access systems are a combination of card readers, locking hardware, touch pads, access cards and keypads. These components can vary depending upon the type of system you are choosing as per your requirement. The card reader authentication is always robust and safer than the passwords or pin code based system. So, if you belong to a bank or a financial institution where you need to give access to that particular room to only some individuals, we will recommend to go with the card system. The card based authentication is difficult to counterfeit, because they can’t be reproduced. Considering the flip side, if you only need mid-level security for the personnel of your company, you should choose pin code or password systems. The safest option, and albeit expensive, of all is biometrics. Due to a lot of money that needs to be invested, only high-security risk applications are using the system. Besides, you can opt for any of the mentioned authentication systems you want, and later you can upgrade to whichever system you deem suitable. 

Similarly, you can use a variety of locks for the access controlled doors, but electromagnetic locks are the most popular and cost-effective. Moreover, they can be installed on most aluminium or wooden doors without any hassle. You need an uninterrupted power supply to keep them working at all times, because the failure of electricity means that the door will automatically open. If you don’t want to take a risk, you should choose electric locks because they can only be opened manually in case of a power failure. The door access control systems are also available in two options; wired and wireless. Both systems have their own benefits and perks, thus which is more suitable for you depends on the size and scope of the facility and the intensity of the security as well.  

Lastly, consider your cost and compare it with the level of security that is required for your business before you go ahead with the system installation. Just like every other aspect of the business, the door access control system also depends on the level of the facility that you are running. A careful analysis of all the mentioned factors will help you make a right decision.