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Bird Control in Australia, How to Get Rid of It? 

If you are worried about the unusual number of birds swarming your home or office, you are at the right…

By Erin Ellen , in Animals & Pets , at July 5, 2022

If you are worried about the unusual number of birds swarming your home or office, you are at the right place. In this article, we will learn about bird infestation and what options you have to counter it. In reading this article further, we will explain how you can hire services for bird control in Australia, what services are the best for bird control in Australia, how much it cost, and if it is worth it.  

Let’s get straight into the details 

Why Should You Be Worried About Bird Infestation? 

Bird infestation is a serious problem in Australia, and the bird infestation results in property damages that are millions of dollars, every year. It just does not stop here, due to the unusual rise in the bird population, there is an increase in diseases among the birds that also pose a threat to people, your pets, and especially children. 

So, now that you do feel that this is a serious problem, let us look at the solutions that can help us get rid of this problem. 

Legal Ways to counter Bird infestation in Australia 

Birds and the species native to Australia are protected by the law and it is illegal to cause harm to them. Someone who is charged with causing harm to native species ends up paying a hefty amount of money in form of fines and in severe cases, they can end up in prison as well. 

What options do we have then? Well, we can hire a professional bird control service that has teams of experts. Their purpose is to remove any present threat that you may be facing and equip you and your property to deal with future infestations while following the law and not causing any harm to the birds. 

How does Bird Control Work? 

There are multiple services that a service provider offers, these services may include undoing the damages done to the property and preventing further damages in the future. These measures are approved and are implemented by the experts to ensure the safety of the people and the birds as well. These services may include bird proof solar panels, bird spikes, anti-bird nettings and so much more. 

How to Hire Bird Control Service in Australia? 

Now that you have understood that this problem can be dealt with, let us find out how you can hire a bird control service in Australia. There are a few ways that you can try like visiting the nearest office of a bird control service provider, but the one that is most effective is searching for bird control Australia on the internet and you will see tons of options listed on your screen. This will save you a lot of time and money and you can ask for quotes and compare the pricing models to choose the one that best fits your needs. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Bird Control Services? 

The cost related to bird control in Australia and services like bird proof solar panels differs a lot due to different factors that are involved. It depends on the type or types of birds that have infested your home or office. Another thing that greatly impacts the cost is the size of the premises. The area covered by your property and premises will have a direct impact on the type of treatment used and the number of follow-up treatments required. One more factor upon which the cost and expenses depend is the severity of bird infestation. The more severe it is, the more it adds to the cost. 

An average treatment for an average Australian house varies significantly from $400 to anywhere around $1,600. 

Final Words 

Bird infestation is a very common problem but it is something that has other adverse effects as well. The only good way is to hire a professional bird control service provider. You can always check the authenticity by looking over their website and comparing multiple service providers. The cost that comes with bird control in Australia is much lesser than what damages cost, incurred due to bird infestation. For example, bird proofing solar panels cost less than installing new solar panels to replace the damaged ones.