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Choosing The Right Managed Service Provider

In a recent era, global companies cannot survive without incorporating and staying ahead of their IT and communication game. Either…

By Erin Ellen , in Business , at May 3, 2019

In a recent era, global companies cannot survive without incorporating and staying ahead of their IT and communication game. Either a company has to be very strong in its in-house resources or outsourcing partnerships to keep up with the pace of intermittent technological advancements and managed support services have to be impeccable. There are many third party companies who have been providing IT solutions to businesses around the globe but despite, it is difficult to come across with a company who could provide you with a true custom solution by recognizing the core needs and requirement of your business. 

The Crosspoint has been doing great in this regard as they have a full-fledged system and back up team based on expertise and skills to entertain companies with its signature managed support services and IT solutions. One cannot score a well-managed service provider if he or she does not about the basic criteria for which it will be needed. Without knowing the intention at hand, it is going to be an unnecessary hassle. Considering this, below are given a few tips to help you score an effective and efficient managed service support providing firm, such as: 

Choose Partner With Prevention Orientation 

You need to work with that managed service provider Singapore who could find and fix problems in your operating system before it takes a dig on the whole thing. You need to keep a close eye on how they are going to do prevention, by an undertaking which methods, seek statistics, or ask for previous reports. There has to be key account personnel to attend your queries and to satisfy your inquisitiveness. This is probably the first phase for any IT providing solution firm which is to address the operational problems in the business model of the partner firm. 

Talk About The Processes 

It is important that you evaluate the managed service providing vendor in order to know if processes actually exist over there or they are just blowing the smoke. Considering this, you can talk to them about the process and their respective diagrams, you can ask questions regarding how do they train their human resource on these processes and if there exists any evaluation. By inquiring on these fronts, you will be able to get an answer in 30 minutes whether it is the right vendor for you or not. 

Analyze Best Practices 

It is important that you get a reliable and consistent experience with your vendor, therefore, it is necessary that you seek a list of best practices from your managed service vendor Singapore. Ask them for a repository, it is good to go through one in order to have a better idea. Similarly, talk to the engineer who is going to implement the best practices in order to know his or her feelings and approaches towards it. Lastly, analyze and examine how these best practices are being triggered in real time demonstration to gauge the impact of what they say and do. 

Monitor KPIs 

You can never evaluate your vendor unless their executions are being measured against a certain KPIs. The most common one for the business is average resolution time, same day close rate, tickets per endpoint generated to name a few. You can ask the managed service provider Singapore to show you detailed performance reports along with statistics in order to have a better idea. If they fail to provide you with detailed reports then that means their KPIs are limited. 

Seek References From Vendor 

It is important that you seek reference from your would-be vendor and then corroborate from them later on. You can compare what the vendor says about its services which are relevant to you with what the references who are in the same field told you. Similarly, you can talk to the references about any of the negative points that you might encounter. Later on, you must also corroborate with the vendor on those negative reviews in order to make a sound decision. 

Managed support service if handled and executed properly, can lead to becoming a lynchpin for smooth operational excellence for any firm. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your first pick very carefully and vigilantly.