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Factors to consider before buying horse float

It might be stressful to shop for a horse float. There’s a lot to think about! We can’t point to…

By Erin Ellen , in Animals & Pets Business , at April 6, 2022

It might be stressful to shop for a horse float. There’s a lot to think about! We can’t point to a single option and say, “This is the greatest horse float to buy” since there are so many factors to consider. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 considerations and judgments you should make before purchasing something. 


Horse trailers are frequently constructed from many materials. The weight of your new trailer, number of times you’ll need to conduct maintenance on it, the nature and cost of upkeep, and repair cost necessary are all factors to consider. The type of flooring you choose will influence how comfortable your horses are as well as how easy it is to keep them clean. The most typical choices are Aluminium, Styrofoam, Wood Plated iron and hot-dipped galvanised steel. 

Brake design 

Depending on the weight of the horse float, the regulatory requirements for brakes may vary. Pneumatic and electric are the two most common types offered. The safest choice is to install electric brakes with a controller in your car. 

Loading in either a straight or an angle 

The virtues of straight and angle load floats are debatable among horse owners. Which one you choose will be determined on the size of your horses, your wallet, and the float you choose to purchase. To figure out what will work best for you, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages. 

Style of suspension 

There are a variety of suspension viable alternatives to cut the levels of jolting and rocking that your horses must endure. Rocker roller suspension is preferred by certain horse owners; torsional suspension is preferred by others. The cost of air suspension is more, but it is undoubtedly the better alternative. 

Float height on the inside 

The minimum inside height required for the float will vary depending on the horses being transported, but a standard interior height of 2.2-2.3m is normally advised. This is a greater price than many readily available floats, so keep that in mind while you shop. Check the entry height as well; some floats have a lip on the entrance that causes horses to lower their heads. 

Mode of entry 

While the majority of floats in Australia utilise a ramp to allow the horses to enter, some do have steps. Ramps are usually easier for a horse to negotiate, but they might be difficult to lift and lower. Keep an eye out for ramps that are overly steep or slick in the rain. If you wish to use stairs, make sure they’re bordered in solid leather so that your horses’ legs are protected in any case they slide or trip. 


Ammonium gases and carbon dioxide can build up in a horse float, causing your horses to have respiratory difficulties. It also retains heat from the horses and the sun, possibly scorching them. Look for a float that can be left open on the sides and rear. 

Accessories on hand 

A variety of horse float accessories are now available to help you and your equine companions live more comfortably. A trailer cameras that you can view from your car gives you piece of mind and guarantees that you are aware of potential issues in the trailer as soon as they arise. A portable water heater with a shower attachment not only gives a hot shower wherever you are, but it also makes cleaning dirt from horses’ forelimbs before it hardens a breeze. At places with few or shared amenities, having a mattress, kitchen, bathroom, and oven on board may make life a lot easier. 


Inspect every trailer for safety issues before buying it when you’re nominating and examining possible purchases. Check out the edges that look a little exposed and metal parts — exposed screws, gate clasps, shackles, and so on – that a horse may shy or tumble into, causing injury. Look for any crevices in the ground where hooves may get caught. An excellent list of details may be found here: Is your horse trailer on the verge of colliding with another vehicle? 

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