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Reasons Why You Need An Exercise Physiologist

A very few people have an idea about who an exercise physiologist is. Most of the people generally assume that…

By Erin Ellen , in Health Services , at March 27, 2019

A very few people have an idea about who an exercise physiologist is. Most of the people generally assume that they are similar to the normal physiologist. While the duties and responsibilities might be quite similar, but there is a little difference between both of them. We won’t get into the differences between both, we are only here to tell you about the exercise physiologists and how can they be beneficial for you. To start, they are educated allied health professionals and university qualified experts. They are trained to assess and deliver effective exercise therapies for different variety of people. From injuries to disabilities, they device exercise programs to help against varying medical conditions. So, why do you need an exercise physiologist? We are mapping out a few reasons on why an exercise physiologist is required to get you going, especially the elderlies. 

Get Back On Your Feet: 

Once an elderly person falls twice or even once, they are more prone to get restricted body movements and the loss of confidence. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that such a thing is inevitable to happen. There are only a few fortunate elderlies who go on with their life and old age without getting hurt physically. It isn’t just about the physical hurt at old age, but the loss of confidence and the nervousness that accompanies the healing process is devastating. This is where, an exercise physiologist Parramatta jumps in. The inactivity during the healing process can lead to muscle weakness, deterioration and even worse, muscle atrophy. There are chances that the affected muscle can stop working, if not used from time and again. These physiologists tend to the patient’s needs by devising an exercise program that is designed around their individual needs. The program will help the patient regain the muscle strength and get the confidence of standing on their feet again. Technically, it isn’t just extremely old and frail people who need to get through therapies. If the statistics are to be believed, the muscle deterioration begins as early as the age of 30. This means that if you feel any pain or problem, doesn’t matter what the age, you need to see a proper exercise physiologist as well. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Life: 

It isn’t about getting injured only! Researches have proven that if exercises done properly for the right duration and the correct intensity, the quality of life can be improved, and the duration can be increased as well. Not just this, but any chances of obesity and potentially life-threatening situations are decreased too. If you are on the path to lead a healthier lifestyle that adds to your overall wellbeing in a long run, you need to consult an exercise physiologist. They will assess your medical condition, health and devise the exercise plans accordingly. Depending on the client’s goals and requirements, they generate different exercise programs to achieve those accordingly. Moreover, they aren’t only about keeping you fit, but they are all-rounders and have varying expertise that can be utilized to the best of your goal. The programs can be created for the gym, swimming pools, fitness areas and home. This means, you can work in your comfort zone and achieve your ultimate goal without an ounce of discomfort. Hence, let’s just say that you don’t have to be injured to understand the importance of seeking guidance from an expert exercise physio. If you are on a hunt to improve your health and fitness, this is what you need to do. If you are vigilant from an early age especially, you will have much more strength in the later parts of your life. 

Not Just Injuries: 

There is a lot more to the exercise physiologist Sydney than injuries and improving your lifestyle. The said physiologist can help you with cardiovascular diseases, metabolic issues, weight issues, cancers, kidney diseases, bone & joint pain, respiratory health and even mental health as well. This list goes on and on, we have only summarised it here for you. We think that we have put enough emphasis on how important it is to seek a physio if you want to find a healthier alternative to all your problems, and don’t want to take a medicine. You know what to do now!