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The Tale of Genji and Japanese Fantasy Books 

The beauty of books is that they come in so many different genres that no matter what, everyone who is…

By Erin Ellen , in Ecommerce , at April 4, 2022

The beauty of books is that they come in so many different genres that no matter what, everyone who is into the habit of reading books, will find something that appeals to their interests. If they look hard enough, they will find a topic or a way of writing that has always interested them or if someone is just getting into the reading culture, then they can be inspired by a certain genre or type of trope that they learn to love.  

Book reading has no limits. You can find books on history and books that stray far and far away from reality. Books that are so realistic, it seems you are living in them, and books that are so imaginative, they take you away from reality. All sorts of extremes and moderations can be found in books. One can learn so much from books, it is truly the most important skill or habit to develop.  

Out of all genres of books to exist, romance novels happen to be the most read and loved. However, the genre of fantasy is not far behind.  


The genre of fantasy comes within the broader heading of fiction, but it includes magical elements that take place in a fictional world. A lot of fantasy books are inspired by mythology and folklore and since Japan has a lot of belief in these concepts, Japanese fantasy books in Australia are loved all over the world for their simple yet intriguing way of writing magical elements that seem so mundane, even if they are far from that.  

Japanese fantasy books Australia are popular worldwide but the most famous. A renowned and loved book amongst Japanese fantasy books Australia is The Tale of Genji. And this is where Genji & Co. makes an appearance.  


Genji & Co. is a company that is committed to bridging the gap between people and cultures via the art of reading. In their capacity, they have been able to highlight the written works of some of the best known Asian and other writers so people all over the world, or at least all over Sydney, Australia can read these stories and learn from them. Genji & Co. houses books from the Isa Shirokawa Collection, Eva Melder, and Aaron Tanimura collection. They also plan on promoting books by famous Asian writers such as Kevin Kwan books or books written by the esteemed Haruki Murakami. They even have books from all sorts of different genres such as crime novels, literary, contemporary, historical fiction and non-fiction books, books based on speculation and magical realism, as well as Japanese fantasy books Australia.  

Now circling back to the name of the article and how it connects to Genji & Co. Well, as mentioned before, The Tale of Genji is Japan’s most loved novel and this novel has inspired the name of the company Genji & Co. this brilliant piece of work, maybe not a part of Japanese fantasy books, by Murasaki Shikibu is said to be the first-ever novel written by a woman in Japan. Amazingly, this novel talks about the female perspective when it comes to topics like love, spirituality, court etiquette, and philosophy.   


Sine reading is quite a personal activity, it is always encouraged at Genji & Co. to expand and test those boundaries as much as possible. This can be done by beginning to read books by authors you would normally not gravitate towards like Kevin Kwan books. Kevin Kwan’s books include famous titles such as Crazy Rich Asians, which was later turned into a movie as well.  

Genji & Co. has always been committed to spreading the international agenda by creating a truly international company that allows people of different cultures to share their stories. With this drive towards their goal Genji & Co. has been able to spread awareness about Japanese fantasy books in Australia and even if that’s only one country, it is a big deal to have access to Japanese fantasy books in Australia.  

Especially amidst the pandemic, we must stand by the Asian community in any way possible even if just by reading Japanese fantasy books Australia or by reading Kevin Kwan books!