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What are the main features of acrylic holders?

Acrylic holders must have certain features that make it unique and more in demand. What are those and how exactly…

By Erin Ellen , in Business , at March 21, 2019

Acrylic holders must have certain features that make it unique and more in demand. What are those and how exactly do they make any difference from other holders or stands is a valid question. First of all, the material makes it unique and then comes designs and sizes. Everything amongst these three traits is known to do justice with acrylic holders.  

Questions for Selecting Appropriate Acrylic Holder: 

Following are some of the frequently asked questions in relation to plastic acrylic holders: 

1.    How exactly acrylic holders are installed or mounted?  

Ans: it requires certain gauges and slat wall, keyhole, tape, sawtooth, screws, and Velcro to mount a holder.  

2.    Where can you install or mount an acrylic holder? 

Ans: if you are mounting it on glass then use tape, it works pretty well. However, if it is brick then tape or Velcro wouldn’t do justice. However, for mounting acrylic holder on the wall will need a strong adhesive in the form of a tape. Same goes for counter’s top as well.  

3.    Should acrylic holders have one or double viewing?  

Ans: open bottom is the best idea if the holder is placed on the top of the counter. This is taken as both sides of viewing.  

4.    What should be the orientation of acrylic holders?  

Ans: we know that there are two types of orientations: portrait and landscape. Both of them work fine and great. It depends on the user to determine which way will look better. However, three closed sides are the right type. 

5.    Do you think it is good to have pockets in the acrylic holder? If so, why? 

Ans: yes, it is good to have pockets in the acrylic folder. It is because you can easily keep visiting card and notes if it is the counter acrylic holder.  

Types and designs of acrylic holders  

There are several types of acrylic holders. In this section we have discussed the following: 

  • The Suction Cup Holder 
  • Open Bottom Holder  
  • Three Sides Closed  
  • Tilt Back sign holder  

The Suction Cup Holder 

These sign holders are appropriate means of mounting on walls. No adhesives are used in order to mount it on the wall though. It makes the holder more convenient and easier to handle. The sign is viewed from both sides. Suction cups are placed away from the sign, mostly in the edges.  

Open Bottom Holder 

These holders are aimed to provide exposure to sign from the countertop and are considered best for the eye level. However, this design of acrylic holders comes with a free-standing and most stable and composed holder. You can place business cards, brochures, and office related documents. Also, the main feature that makes it stand out among the rest is based on the ability to stand with 90 degrees. Some descriptions title it as a “T Acrylic Holder”.  

Three Sides Closed  

This is one of those designs which helps in keeping different brochures as well as cards. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it is more like a file that could open. Folders or pockets inside it makes “three sides closed holder” unique and decent. You can insert and take out cards from this design very easily. Since it is very small in size, you can carry it where ever you want. Both, horizontal and vertical positions do justice to three sides closed holder.  

Tilt Back sign holder 

This type of acrylic holder is best for places like counters, booths, stalls, and slopes. Reason being the tilt back sign holder is tilted upward and is easy for the customer to use. However, this design is specifically for those who want an only one-sided holder that could hold a business brochure or cards and nothing more. One side remains visible and the other doesn’t which clearly gives an idea that it is best for mounting on the wall. When you mount it up on the wall, ensure that the adhesive used is strong enough so that it sticks on the wall and doesn’t fall down. 

Last Verdict – Conclusion: 

Last but not least; it is a given fact that you can get any kind of holder for keeping documents, cards, and even brochures. Trying the mentioned ones out will make you know more about the holders.