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Why choose an Automatic BP Monitor? 

The two types of BP monitors in the markets  With rising heart diseases and obesity among people, increasing number of…

By Erin Ellen , in Health Services , at October 23, 2018

The two types of BP monitors in the markets 

With rising heart diseases and obesity among people, increasing number of people are suffering from blood pressure problems. Regular BP check-ups would be too exhausting and inconvenient, especially for old people. So, to meet the growing demand, BP monitors have been evolved into much more facilitating device that offers number of features instead of just giving away the reading of your blood pressure. Currently, the blood pressure monitors are divided into two basic categories,  

  1. Aneroid Monitor 
  2. Digital Monitor 

The Aneroid monitor is the conventional BP monitor that the doctor at the hospital uses. It has a stethoscope, a mercury gauge, a cuff and a squeezing ball. The cuff is inflated using the squeezing ball and stethoscope is used to note the reading from the mercury gauge. It is really accurate, but has certain limitations due to complex procedure for some people and not being compact for people who travel a lot.  

The digital monitor is a product of advancement in technology.  They are also known as automatic blood pressure monitor since it just needs the push of a button to measure the blood pressure within seconds. There are different options available. There are BP monitors that not only give away the BP readings at the click of a button, they can also store your data and some even have the option of sending the data.  

Things to consider before buying Blood Pressure Monitor 

Whether you are going for a digital BP monitor or aneroid BP monitor, there are few considerations you need to keep in mind before buying one for its features.  

Size of the cuff 

Almost all BP monitors come with a cuff, be it automatic or aneroid. So, you need to make sure you get the cuff of the right size for yourself. It should neither be too big or too small for your arm so it is best that you get advice on the size of the cuff from your doctor.  


If you don’t have a 6/6 vision, please check the display of the digital BP monitor. If you are getting aneroid, make sure you can read the readings market.  


This is very important because the long list of options in BP monitors comes with a wide price range so keep a budget in mind. Do not spend too much for features that you don’t need.  

Using an automatic Blood pressure monitor  

An automatic blood pressure monitor might make things lot easier, but there is still a procedure you need to follow. Following is a step by step guide to measuring your blood pressure at home using a digital BP monitor.

  1. Turn the device on. 
  2. Wear the cuff on your wrist or arm, wherever the instructions say. 
  3. Press the button for inflation. The cuff will start to inflate. 
  4. After inflation, pressure will be released from the cuff and the device will start measuring the BP. 
  5. Note down the BP reading from the meter and then press the button that removes all the air from the cuff. 
  6. In most devices, the readings will now be displaying on the screen. That is your BP reading 

Advantages of choosing an automatic BP monitor  

The reason digital BP monitor has grown so popular is not just the convenience that it offers. There are other benefits of choosing a digital BP monitor. They are,  

  1. It makes taking readings real quick and easy. 
  2. It is a great help for older people who have hearing difficulty and find it hard to use an aneroid meter. 
  3. It is easy to take it with you when you travel. 
  4. A patient can keep a record of blood pressure at home. There’s no more trouble of going to the hospital every time. 
  5. Some devices can even save the readings which makes it easy to maintain a record.  

Do you need to visit doctor? 

Despite the ease in the process of finding and maintaining your blood pressure, you still need a doctor. If you notice a rise in your blood pressure, this can be a temporary thing due to some item you consumed or it could be a sign of something serious than that. Either way it is important that you contact a doctor as soon as you observe a rise in your BP readings.